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One of the specificities of the work-study program is that it integrates phases of classes in school and work in the company. Candidates for this training must therefore find a school and, above all, a company that offers them a contract. But if some candidates manage to find a work-study program easily, others may encounter several difficulties and sometimes, the search lasts. At INSEEC, students can follow a sandwich course that leads to a professional qualification. In addition, the school also helps them find a work-study program in a hurry.

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What is a work-study program?

There are different training systems that allow students to acquire knowledge and/or skills. The work-study program is part of these systems, but stands out because of its professionalizing vocation.

In this system, candidates are required to attend a school while working in a company. As a result, they are both students and employees. This particular situation allows them to obtain specific rights, including:

  • a salary allowance as well as all the benefits granted to “classic” employees
  • tuition fees are covered.

Some tips for finding a work-study program in a hurry

Ideally, like any training program, a work-study program should be prepared several months in advance. The objective is to integrate a company and a school in the best conditions. But finding an alternation can be so complicated that it can take a long time. It often happens that some candidates are forced to find a work-study program in a hurry just before the start of the school year.

To achieve this, candidates can and should:

  • improve their CVs and cover letters to better convince companies; many tutorials are available online, and some schools offer coaching and CV writing workshops for job seekers. It may even be worth it to over-personalize and fine-tune a presentation for the company of your dreams. The investment in time is often worth it because it allows you to stand out from the competition. One of our students created a buzz on LinkedIn with her famous “CV l’Equipe” and received dozens of offers from companies. Beware, expectations are not the same depending on the sector. A financier will be expected to have a “classic” CV, but the expectations in terms of design and originality will be much higher for a communication student.
  • send a very large number of applications (spontaneous and in response to offers) to increase their chances of being recruited, without forgetting to personalize the applications.
  • contact recruiters directly through their email addresses or their accounts on professional social networks
  • prepare for the interview
  • have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  • participate in professional networking events such as job dating and afterwork

How can I quickly get a work-study program with INSEEC?

INSEEC offers students various professionalizing courses which, in addition to professional skills, lead to an RNCP title or a Master’s degree. These courses are accessible through the traditional training system (internship), but can also be done through a sandwich course.

However, to access the sandwich program, you must be in one of the following INSEEC programs:

You should know that with INSEEC, students can find a work-study program in a hurry. This is made possible by theschool‘s Corporate Relations Department.

The main objective of this service is to offer students collective and/or individual support throughout their training. This support aims to facilitate the search for contracts ( professionalization and apprenticeship) and internships through the following tools

  • coaching in the development of CVs and cover letters;
  • the holding of several company events that serve to bring companies and students together;
  • the publication of work-study offers on the department’s Facebook page and on the intranet to inform students of the various opportunities available
  • a pre-recruitment service for companies through matching
  • the signing of partnerships with large companies.
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How does the work-study program at INSEEC work?

Within the school, students can follow a sandwich course in two different ways:

  • through an apprenticeship contract;
  • or through a professionalization contract.

Depending on the contract, there may be some variations in the training arrangements:

  • the apprenticeship contract lasts between 6 and 36 months as opposed to 12 to 24 months for the professionalization contract;
  • To access the apprenticeship contract , you must be under 30 years old;
  • the professionalisation contract excludes access to a mediator in the event of a complicated situation with the employing company.

However, regardless of the contract, candidates are automatically entitled to an allowance and some financial aid. The latter include a contribution to the cost of training and a grant from the State exceptional assistance granted by the State.

Why follow a work-study program at INSEEC?

INSEEC is a business school specializing in management and is open to the international scene. Its training offers are aimed at both European and foreign students and correspond to the realities of the professional world.

The school ‘s main objective is to ensure the employability of its students through the professionalization and specialization courses it offers. These specializations can be done in alternation and concern :

At the end of their training, students can obtain one of the certificationsoffered by INSEEC. These are recognized by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Employment and Labor and valued by companies and recruiters.

And for any other questions you may have, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions, attend an information meeting or be contacted by our teams.

Updated 7 September 2023