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The digital marketing has become essential for all businesses in this world, due to the increasing number of consumers who use social networks and search engines. It is therefore necessary to be visible to these people and to have a real digital marketing strategy if you want to achieve your goals.

That’s why more and more students are training in digital marketing today. They have indeed understood the importance of digital in our society and want to become a stakeholder.

Discover on this page and in more detail :

  • What is a bachelor in digital marketing
  • How do I get into this training?
  • What is the program and the pace of this digital bachelor?
  • What diploma does this training provide?
  • What are the possible professional opportunities following your degree?

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What is a Bachelor in Digital Marketing?

This is a bachelor training level(RNCP title delivered by the State), intended for students who are interested in digital and social networks in a professional perspective.

Theobjective of this Bachelor in digital marketing is to train you to develop and implement a digital strategy within a company. You will learn to master the entire digital ecosystem as well as the different digital levers with marketing tools and digital communication in general.

Need clarification and advice? Get our advice on“What is a bachelor’s degree in marketing?” or “Why do a bachelor’s degree in marketing?”

How to get into a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing?

For information, the Bachelor’s degree is accessible after the Baccalaureate and takes 3 years to complete. Parallel entry is possible in the 2nd and 3rd years for holders of a Bac +1 (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 2 or Licence 3…) and Bac +2 (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 2 or Licence 3…).

You can apply for this digital training directly online on the INSEEC website . See admissions procedures for bachelor’s degree.

You will then have a written admission test ( file study, written test, “English & general culture” MCQ) of one hour and an oral test which is in fact a 30 minute motivation interview.

Except for admission to the 3rdyear, which does not require a written test. Only a file study and an oral test.

Please note that you will also need to have obtained your current degree or have validated the required credits to integrate the INSEEC digital bachelor program.

What is the program and the rhythm of the Bachelor in Digital Marketing?

The first and second years of the Bachelor’s program are punctuated by internships in companies.

As for the third year, it can be done in initial training with a long internship of 5 to 6 months in a company or in alternating training, in a professionalization or apprenticeship contract. You will be able to be paid and gain real professional experience that will give you a professional qualification that is more than substantial at the end of your degree.

Many of our students choose this option and do their bachelor marketing digital in alternation. It is also much more formative since you can put into practice all the theory you have acquired atschool throughout your academic career in order to become a true digital marketing professional!

During this training you will study all the basics of marketing: operational marketing and strategic marketing, you will also study digital communication strategy, webmarketing or e-marketing, with brand content, influencer marketing, growth hacking as well as all related disciplines.

You will also learn the fundamentals in the key areas of the business world: marketing, accounting and financial management , economics, corporate law, project management, business English, Office / Adobe / HTML etc.

At theschool, the courses will be given by quality professionals, still working and will be presented in the form of workshops or master classes. These are very interesting and formative sessions for our students.

What degree does the Bachelor in Digital Marketing award?

The digital marketing bachelor’s degree delivers a title of Marketing Communication Manager” equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree(Bac + 3). The certification obtained is an RNCP title (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle) of level II( Europeanlevel 6) certified by the State.

For information, an RNCP title certifies the professional skills, aptitudes and knowledge required to practice a profession. It is delivered by a training organization and certified by the State, unlike a diploma which is directly delivered by the State through a ministry.

On the other hand, the level of competence is equivalent between the certification and the diploma.

For more details, please consult the online repository: https://www.francecompetences.fr/recherche/rncp/36293/

If you wish to obtain a copy of your diploma after you have obtained it, we invite you to visit the dedicated page: “How to obtain a copy of my diploma? You will probably need it when you are looking for your first job.

What are the professional opportunities after a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing?

Poursuite de vos études

If you continue your studies, you can specialize further and gain additional knowledge and skills in terms of digital marketing. You will then get positions with higher responsibility and better pay in the digital sector.

Several courses of study are possible, in particular MSc & MBA, BBA, Master Grande Ecole. You can check out our training in marketing as well as all of our degrees and certifications to give you an idea of what you can do in the marketing and digital field.

Here are some opportunities for further study and degrees in marketing after a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing:

If you need further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Intégrer le marché du travail

After your bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, you can also, if you wish, enter the job market and hold positions in digital or marketing:

  • Digital project manager ;
  • Community Manager or Social Media Manager;
  • e-marketing or webmarketing manager ;
  • Brand Content Manager or Brand Digital Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • e-marketing and e-business consultant

You will be able to hold assistant positions, as well as, in some cases, executive positions with high responsibility. The average salary for a digital marketing beginner is around 30,000 – 39,000 euros gross per year and will obviously evolve.

Choose a job that suits you and take the time to train and evolve in this job, you will not regret it!

If you need help with your orientation, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Updated 2 August 2023