What salary during the Bachelor ?

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Your third year of the bachelor’s degree can be done as an initial training course with a 5 to 6 month internship or as a work-study program under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract. In all cases, you will receive a salary, but it will be more advantageous in a work-study program because you will receive a monthly salary like any other employee. But how much exactly will you be paid?

Your salary will depend on the contract you choose: professionalization contract or apprenticeship contract. We detail here the difference in salary you will have depending on the type of contract during the training:

  • salary for a work-study contract ;
  • salary for an apprenticeship contract ;
  • salary for a paid internship ;
  • post-graduation salary.

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What salary for a work-study contract?

Its title is not misleading: the professionalization contract is part of professional training. It is an employment contract between an employer and an employee that will allow you, at the end of your training, to obtain a professional qualification in addition to your school qualification.

As a general rule, the salary that is defined in the professionalization contract will depend on three things:

  • The level of qualification of the student (here higher than the BAC)
  • Theage of the student at the time of signing the contract
  • The company’s collective agreement

The salary is calculated on the basis of the gross monthly SMIC (1,645.58 euros as of May 1, 2022) or the industry’s conventional minimum wage (if it exists and is more favorable to the apprentice).

Thus, a young person under 21 years of age will receive 65% of the SMIC, i.e. €1042.03 gross per month. Those over 21 years of age will receive 80% of the SMIC, i.e. €1,282.50 gross per month. And for those aged 26 or over, they will benefit from a slightly higher salary, since they will receive 100% of the SMIC, i.e. €1645.85 gross per month (or 85% of the SMC).

What is the salary for an apprenticeship contract?

According to the Portal of Business Schools, Bachelors and DCG: “In the context of an apprenticeship contract, the remuneration is also calculated as a percentage of the SMIC“. The age, the progression during the training and the company’s collective agreement determine the exact amount of salary you are entitled to.

Year of trainingUnder 18 years oldFrom 18 to 20 years oldFrom 21 to 25 years oldFrom 26 to 29 years old
1st year27% of the minimum wage
43% of the minimum wage
53% of the minimum wage
100% of the minimum wage
1 645,58€
2nd Year39% of the minimum wage
51% of the minimum wage
61% of the minimum wage
1 003,45€
100% of the minimum wage
1 645,58€
3rd Year55% of the minimum wage
67% of the minimum wage
1 102,15€
78% of the minimum wage
1 283,10€
100% of the minimum wage
1 645,58€

*After the age of 29, you are no longer eligible for an apprenticeship contract.

Sources: Bachelor’s degree in work-study: what is the remuneration? (dimension-commerce.com)

To know

Your salary is exempt from social security charges (which means that your gross salary is equal to your net salary) and your employer benefits from a general reduction in employer contributions.

Theemployer may deduct from your pay forbenefits in kind (housing, food, transportation) provided for in the apprenticeship contract, up to a maximum of 75% of the minimum wage.

Also, if your apprenticeship contract is extended (repeating a year, reorientation …) your minimum salary will have to be equivalent to that of the last year at least.

Special cases

If you are required to work overtime, the applicable compensation conditions are the same as for other employees of the company. Note that in any case, you cannot work more than 5 hours of overtime per week.

You will be eligible for a 15 point salary increase if you meet these 3 criteria:

  • You sign a contract for one year or less;
  • The qualification sought is directly related to the one resulting from the diploma or title previously obtained;
  • You are preparing for a diploma (link to page “how to obtain a diploma) or title of the same level as the one you obtained previously;

Also, you should know that if you change your age bracket during the course of your contract, your employer must pay you your new salary as of the first day of the month following your birthday. For example, if you are 20 years old when you sign your contract then you will receive 43% of the SMIC but if you are 21 years old 3 months later, in February for example, then you will receive your new salary from March1st, i.e. 53% of the SMIC.

Now it’s up to you to make your choice!

What salary for a paid internship?

You can also decide to complete your third year of the bachelor’s degree in initial training if you wish, by completing a 5 to 6 month internship. You will then receive a fee.

The minimum hourly rate is €3.90/hour, corresponding to 15% of the Social Security ceiling. This is a monthly payment and to calculate this amount, the company must count the number of hours of effective presence of the trainee (simulator: https://www.service-public.fr/simulateur/calcul/gratification-stagiaire).

For your information, a bonus for internships in France is mandatory and the amount must be included in the internship agreement when the intern’s presence in the host company exceeds 308 hours (44 days). Below this duration, the bonus remains optional for theemployer.

For internships abroad, it is necessary to refer to the legislation in force in the country.

Finally, please note that the internship cannot exceed 132 days of presence in the company.

Your salary after a Bachelor’s degree ?

If you enter the workforce after your bachelor’s degree, your salary will largely depend on the job you choose. We invite you to find out about the different training courses we offer in order to get an idea of your potential “future salary”.

Updated 2 August 2023