What is a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing ?

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A Bachelor Marketing is a three-year degree course, which is prepared in a business or management school, either in three years after the baccalaureate or in one year after a two-year degree. It is a professionalizing academic program that guarantees you a rapid and successful professional integration.

It is a complete training that allows you to study all the different aspects of marketing : digital marketing, operational marketing, strategic marketing, communication, management and business… even to specialize and become an expert in one of the fields of marketing such as digital marketing. Understanding what a Bachelor’s degree in marketing at INSEEC represents means understanding the following dimensions:

  • Reasons to choose a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing
  • Its program of excellence and its training rhythm at INSEEC
  • The required skills
  • Admission requirements
  • The opportunities it offers its graduates for further study or entry into the world of work

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Choosing a Bachelor of Marketing

The marketing training is today an indispensable discipline for the business world. Indeed, marketing contributes not only to reinforce the notoriety of the company but also to make it grow, to develop its sales and its turnover while developing customer loyalty. The marketing strategies put in place by the latter allow it to prosper. It is therefore very interesting and wise today to turn to a marketing training .

This is the essence of business!

INSEEC offers you a ” bachelor marketing ” (from bac to bac+3) in initial training or in work-study training to enable you to access many jobs in the marketing field later on.

Discover the 6 good reasons to do a bachelor’s degree in marketing on our page ” Why do a bachelor’s degree in marketing? And below, discover the entire “bachelor marketingprogram at INSEEC as well as the skills and qualities required to access this training, the admission requirements and the opportunities.

Program and rhythm of the Bachelor Marketing at INSEEC

You can do your bachelor’s degree in marketing in 3 years directly after obtaining your bachelor’s degree. Parallel entry is possible in the 2nd and 3rd years for holders of a Bac +1 and Bac+2.

At INSEEC, we suggest that you begin your Bachelor’s degree in marketing by discovering the fundamentals of the marketing field and then deepening them during the second year. It will therefore be a question of digital marketing, of marketing operational and strategic communication strategy or even commerce marketing and international business .

The first two years are marked by compulsory and optional periods in a company, allowing you to gainexperience, develop skills and try out different professions and sectors of activity in order to refine your professional project (up to 10 months in a company is possible).

The third year will be the year of specialization towards the different marketing professions. You will study in greater depth certain aspects of marketing in which you wish to specialize further. Professional English will be mandatory and practiced during the 3 years of the Bachelor of Marketing program. The second language is optional. In this third year, if you wish, you can work in a company on a sandwich basis from the beginning of the school year or do a full-time internship in the second semester (between 5 and 6 months). In total you can accumulate up to 16 months of professional experience, in France or abroad, and thus be operational as soon as you are hired.

The skills and qualities required for the Marketing Bachelor

If you want to go for a bachelor’s degree in marketing, make sure you have the following skills and qualities:

  • Working in a team
  • Creative and curious
  • Observation and listening skills
  • Analytical mind
  • Sense of relationship
  • Proficiency in English
  • Ability to adapt
  • Organizational skills
  • Persuasion and negotiation skills

Here are many qualities and skills that you absolutely must have or acquire in the years to come if you want to evolve in the marketing field.

You will also have to be interested in the management of companies, their image and their marketing and e-marketing strategy as well as their economic and legal environment. So you need to have a lot of skills in this field.

Admission requirements for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at INSEEC

You can apply directly online on the INSEEC website on our “admissions” page to join our Bachelor of Marketing program.

Admission en 1ère année

Open to high school seniors and students who have already obtained the Baccalaureate.

Admission en 2ème année

Open to students who have validated or are in the process of validatinga 1st year of undergraduate studies (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 1…).

Admission en 3ème année

Accessible to students who have validated or are in the process of validatinga 2nd or 3rd year of undergraduate studies (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 2 or Licence 3…).

Each time, you will find :

  • A one-hour written test (MCQ general knowledge and English)
  • An oral test of 30 minutes which is in fact a motivation interview

Note: There is no written test for the third year. Only a 30-minute motivation interview.

Two entries are available each year:

  • September/October
  • February/March (depending on the campus and course chosen)

Start dates vary depending on the campus and course selected.

The opportunities of the Bachelor Marketing

After graduating withyour bachelor’sdegree in marketing, you may decide to continue your studies. You can therefore do a Master, MSc or MBA in marketing and specialize in a sector such as event marketing, sports marketing, digital marketing or luxury marketing.

This will allow you to increase your knowledge and skills in a particular area of marketing and thus specialize to become an expert in your field.

We invite you to consult all of our training programs and all of our INSEEC diplomas and certifications in order to consider all of the possibilities for your future studies.

INSEEC offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees and other marketing degrees such as :

You can also decide to enter the job market once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree in marketing. This is a state-recognized RNCP title of level 6(bac+3) which will allow you to access the following functions

  • Marketing and salesmanager
  • Manager marketing communication
  • MarketingManager
  • Project Manager
  • Communication officer
  • Product Manager
  • Market Research Officer
  • Social media or Community manager.

Find out specifically what the opportunities are for a Bachelor’s degree in luxury marketing and choose to work in this passionate field.

Wondering what salary you can expect for a bachelor’s degree?

For your information, the average salary of a Bachelor of Marketing graduate is about 28K€ per year. Withexperience, you will be able to move on to positions with greater responsibilities and better pay, such as marketing director, communication director, sales director or digital marketing director thanks to the Bachelor digital marketing degree.

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Updated 2 August 2023