How do I get a copy of my diploma?

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You have obtained a diploma and would now like to have a copy of it? Depending on your situation and your personal request: secondary education, higher education, study in France, abroad or other, you will need to obtain it. You will need to contact the appropriate and relevant institution. Generally speaking, it will be necessary to either:

  1. Make a request (by mail or by internet) to the Rectorat d’Académie
  2. Apply to the institution of higher learning
  3. Apply to DRAJES or DREETS

INSEEC is here to help you get a copy of your diploma:

  • What degree do I need?
  • Which copy and how to get it?
  • How do I apply for a degree obtained abroad?

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Diplomas and Certifications of INSEEC programs

There are several categories of diplomas recognized by the French state. Each INSEEC program, whether post-baccalaureate or continuing your studies, gives you access to a diploma or a professional title (RNCP), all of which are delivered by the State, at the national level.

We invite you to discover the different professional certifications obtained within the 4 INSEEC programs and their specificities. If you have any questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How do I get a copy of my diploma?

Which copy should I get?

At the end of your training you will receive a diploma. This is the original version that you must keep. Indeed, many recruiters are likely to ask you for a copy of your various diplomas as part of their recruitment process. So how do you go about getting a copy of your diplomas?

For secondary school diplomas (e.g., brevet, bac, BEP, CAP), you can obtain a digital or paper certificate of achievement.

For higher education diplomas (e.g.: BTS, DUT, licence, master), you can obtain a digital certificate or a paper duplicate.

Please note that thecertificate of completion and the duplicate have the same value as your original diploma.

How to get it?

First of all, please note that only the person concerned by the diploma, or his/her legal representative, can make the request. There are three options available to you if you wish to retrieve a copy of your diploma:

  1. Make a request (by mail or by internet) to the Rectorat d’Académie
  2. Apply to the institution of higher learning
  3. Apply to DRAJES or DREETS

Rectorat d’Académie

You can visit the ministry of education national: in order to search by academy and thus find the procedure to follow to request acertificate of achievement as well as all the useful information on this subject (documents to be provided, deadlines, cost ofsending etc.).

Most of the time you will have a form to download, print, fill in and send back by email or by mail in order to make your request and obtain the copy of your diploma.

You will also have to provide: a copy of your identity card, information about your personal civil status, the exact title of your diploma and the series, theyear ofgraduation and the session as well as the name of the institution where it was prepared.

Second option, you can also go to the site and find in a few clicks the diplomas you have obtained. You will even be able to generate a certificate of graduation, if needed.

This concerns both high school diplomas and higher education diplomas obtained over the last 20 years on average (variable depending on the department).

Special mention for the rectorates of Paris, Versailles and Créteil where there is a <a href=” certificate -de-reussite-534.html”>unique online form allowing you to send your request by internet. The diploma will be collected on site or sent by mail. The information to be completed will include: the exam, the candidate and the method ofsending thecertificate. The applicant must declare on his or her honour that he or she is the applicant concerned by the document.

Please note that the academies usually ask for a stamped envelope or a check tosend thecertificate of achievement, either by mail or by Internet.

Établissement d’Enseignement Supérieur

You must make your request for a duplicate in writing andsend it to the institution that issued the original diploma. This application must contain:

  • Your first and last name with your date and place of birth
  • Your student number
  • The name of the establishment
  • The title of the degree and the specialty
  • The year of graduation.

We advise you to contact the establishment concerned in order to know exactly what steps to take.

You will usually be asked to provide one of the following documents:

  • A claim from your insurance company if the diploma was destroyed (due to fire or water damage);
  • A receipt of complaint issued by the police or gendarmerie if the diploma has been stolen;
  • A declaration on honour for the loss of the document.

In return, you will receive a document equivalent to your original diploma, marked “duplicate“, which may take some time to receive.


These two institutions can issue a certificate of achievement in case of loss or theft of a diploma in the field of animation, sports, social work and paramedical. These are the Regional Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DREETS) and the Regional Academic Delegation for Youth, Engagement and Sports (DRAJES).

You can apply by mail with a copy of your ID and the formcertificate of loss of diploma ” available on the pages of the region where you obtained the title.

How do I apply for a degree obtained abroad?

If you obtained your diplomaabroad and now wish to obtain a copy, we advise you to contact the institution that issued your original diploma directly. The AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) allows you to find the contact information, if necessary.

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