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Marketing is today an indispensable discipline, recognized by all companies, since it allows to analyze the needs of the consumers and to set up adapted strategies to increase sales. This is what allows, among other things, a company to exist and prosper. This is a very interesting, rich, varied and high-potential field to which you can gain access thanks to INSEEC’s Bachelor of Marketing.

Here are the 6 good reasons to do a bachelor’s degree in marketing after your high school diploma:

  • The human factor related to the marketing professions
  • The professionalization linked to these trainings
  • The opening to the international market
  • The many opportunities
  • Attractiveness of remuneration
  • The prosperity of the field in the current and future world.

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The Human Factor

Marketing is the ideal field of activity to put your interpersonal skills to good use. Indeed, you will have to know perfectly your targets as well as their needs and expectations to be able to elaborate marketing strategies that are adapted.

With this program, you will have the opportunity to express your talents as a communicator. Communication plays a major role in a marketing career, especially in managing a team or clients.

So if you have excellent interpersonal skills or are very good with words, you will easily find your place in this program.

A professional training

Your third year of the Bachelor’s degree in marketing can be done as an initial training course with 5 to 6 month internships or as a work-study program under a professional contract or apprenticeship. In any case, you will be immersed in the business world and will acquire an important professional qualification at the end of your training.

The bachelor’s degree in marketing is therefore an excellent way to enter the business world and gain valuable professional experience. Work-study training will also allow you to finance your studies andobtain a salary. It is therefore an excellent alternative for you, who wish to acquire knowledge through school while putting it to good use in the business world.

Future recruiters will greatly appreciate a student who has completed a work-study program. They believe that having a first substantial experience alongside a <a href=“https://www.inseec.com/specialisation-marketing/”>quality marketing training can only be a great asset.

As for the “theory” part, you should know that the courses will be given by marketing professionals, speakers from the professional world who are still active. This will make your schooling both very interesting and very rewarding.

A training program open to the international market

The Bachelor’s degree in marketing allows you to open up to theinternational scene, thanks in particular to the learning of English throughout your schooling. The very word ” marketing ” is an anglicism that comes from the word ” market ” in English and in all companies you will find a ” commercemarketing ” function. You will be able to find a job anywhere in the world in marketing-related positions thanks to your bachelor marketing training.

You will even study management or international marketing during your training in order to benefit from this “international” dimension which is very important nowadays. Your internships can even be done abroad!

Many opportunities

Following your bachelor’s degree in marketing, you will have the opportunity to pursue a master’s or MBA degree. We invite you to discover all the courses offered by INSEEC to give you an idea of what is possible afterwards.

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing, you can also consider more specialized training such as a master’s degree in sports marketing or enter a specific program such as a school of luxury, fashion or video games.

You will then be able to apply for many jobs:

You will be able to work in an agency or directly with the advertiser. In any case, the bachelor’s degree in marketing will offer you great opportunities and different possibilities, with the ability to lead a fulfilling, stimulating and progressive career.

Attractive remuneration

Marketing positions generally offer good salaries. The more you continue your studies (master, MBA), the more attractive the remuneration will be. You will be able to earn a salary between 2000€ and 6000€ gross/month depending on the position held and the company in question (remuneration is often more attractive in large companies). Some confirmed Marketing Director positions even exceed €10K gross/month.

Also find out what salaries you can expect to earn with a Bachelor’s degree.

A job with a future

Marketing is a vast field. It can be operationalmarketing, international marketing, digitalmarketing or communicationstrategy. It is up to you to choose your marketing specialization according to your skills. However, it is true that marketing includes fields that are expanding rapidly, such as digital, and that today represent professions of the future. You must have a particular attraction for digital and digital (websites, social networks, mobile applications, SEO …). Many new jobs are emerging and seem to be more and more in demand: SEO Strategist, Traffic Manager, Griwth Hacker, UX Designer, Social Media Manager, Content manager etc.

Get your degree and all the marketing jobs will be open to you! Discover what INSEEC can offer and teach you, and build a professional future in line with your dreams and skills:

Updated 4 August 2023