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Digital and Data are one of the 10 specializations present at INSEEC.

The Covid-19 crisis has proven it: digital professions occupy a crucial place in the working world.

Find the digital and data jobs that are in vogue today:

Business Analyst

The business analyst participates in the management of the company’s activity based on the study of numerical data. It defines analysis and decision support tools. He/she will provide strategic analysis of the data, make recommendations and develop action plans.

What are the missions of a Business Analyst?

Thebusiness analystdefines the key performance indicators (KPI) that will be used to measure the achievement of business objectives. He/she designs sales performance monitoring tables and reporting tools, analyzes databases and measures the return on investment (ROI) from a commercial and financial perspective.
He studies the market from a quantitative and qualitative angle, synthesizes the data in the form of reports and makes recommendations for strategic and operational marketing or sales management.
He also monitors regulations that may impact a market.

What are the skills of a Business Analyst?

The business analyst has a good knowledge of programming methods and tools, extraction and processing of statistical data. He/she masters reporting tools as well as Salesforce software.
He/she has a good knowledge of the markets, a taste for figures, analytical skills and rigor in managing databases.
He or she is organized and is a force of proposal.

Digital Project Manager

The digital project manager manages the development of websites and applications.

What are the missions of a digital project manager?

He studies the coherence of his company’s project and reads the specifications.
The digital project manager must manage his team by distributing tasks and defining schedules.
It must be adapted to each support (mobile, tablet, computer) during the development of the project.
He is the guarantor of the respect of deadlines and budgets and must also keep a watch on trends and evolutions in the web domain.

What are the skills of a digital project manager?

This position requires technical skills in the field of the web, but also a sense of leadership and an ability to adapt to any situation.
The digital project manager must adapt to the world in which he evolves, be constantly on the lookout and know how to anticipate.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is an expert in understanding data issues and interpreting data in a company. He extracts and analyzes relevant data to help strategy. They are able to use their statistical skills to help business leaders make important decisions while minimizing risk.

What are the missions of a Data Analyst?

TheData Analyst‘s mission is to clean and organize raw data. He/she implements descriptive and non-parametric statistics afin order to get a general idea of the data. His role is useful and crucial during the exploration phase; he can discern trends and make relevant hypotheses.
It creates visualizations called dashboards or cockpits, afin order to help in interpretation and decision making.

What are the skills of the Data Analyst?

The Data Analyst has strong reporting skills, business acumen, modeling skills, social networking skills, and communication skills.
He knows how to optimize the customer relationship and to know their situation at a given time. He is able to propose customized offers.
He/she is proficient in SQL, Python and R languages and has very good writing skills.
The Data Analyst is dynamic and enthusiastic and knows how to integrate into a team in Agile Scrum mode, as Scrum Master or Product Owner.

Relationship Marketing and CRM Manager

The relationship marketing manager implements a set of tools designed to maintain individualized and interactive relationships with customers and to develop customer knowledge: management of a CRM database, organization of recruitment and loyalty campaigns, monitoring of results, etc.

What are the missions of a Relationship Marketing and CRM Manager?

In order to build customer loyalty, therelationship marketing managerdesigns information gathering systems, identifies products and services that generate dissatisfaction, identifies promising customers for the brand and develops a database of customer expectations and needs.
He analyzes customer behavior and the results of loyalty campaigns and implements follow-up solutions. It also develops customer proximity and commitment to the brand.
His missions include managing service providers and partners as well as team management.

What are the skills of a Relationship Marketing and CRM Manager?

The relationship marketing manager has an excellent command of CRM software (SalesForces, SAP etc.) and back office software as well as statistical tools.
He is able to set up email campaigns and the main computer and web languages.
He has good organizational, management and leadership skills.
He masters multi-channel communication to interact with the customer.
He listens to his client in order to adapt his loyalty strategy according to his expectations and practices.

Community Manager

The web community manager manages a company’s presence on the internet and social networks via a community of internet users gathered around a common interest. In a company, he or she may report to several different people, such as a department head (communications, marketing).

What are the tasks of a community manager?

Basically, the social networker is in charge of public relations. Taking into account the global strategy of the company, he establishes his own web presence strategy and implements actions.
It uses several different platforms to distribute information (promotion, offer, product test, event …). He writes this content himself in an attractive way. He answers questions from Internet users.
He knows his subject inside out, monitors the community’s reactions and analyses them to calculate the impact of the information. He/she ensures that the participants behave properly and that the exchange is respectful of everyone. For optimal use of the platforms, their functional development must be guaranteed. It also carries out a technological and sectorial watch.
The primary objective is to maintain the company’s reputation.

What are the skills of a community manager?

This position is reserved for web enthusiasts who know everything about community mechanisms and social networks.
He also masters SEO and e-marketing and communication tools.
The community manager acts as a diplomat and listens to Internet users, exchanges facilitated by his sense of contact.
His writing skills are well proven. He lets himself be led by his reactivity and creativity. English is an asset.

Digital Strategy Manager

The digital strategy manager’s mission is to develop and deploy the company’s multi-channel strategy. He/she designs with his/her internal/external teams new digital products and services and thus aims at maximizing the points of contact between the Internet user and the brand.

What are the missions of a Digital Strategy Manager?

Thedigital strategy managerimplements a strategic watch in order to analyze the positioning of products and services on the web and on digital markets, to understand the trends and their impact.
He/she designs the company’s digital marketing strategy: recurring offer design, concept and product development, definition of business development priorities.
He manages the launch of new products on the web, supervises the marketing teams in charge of the project and ensures the follow-up of marketing operations.

What are the skills of a Digital Strategy Manager?

He has an excellent knowledge of the sociology of communities on the Web, he masters the techniques of monitoring (including e-reputation) and web marketing.
He has the ability to design partnerships and online (or off-line) events to launch new products and services.
He is curious and has a taste for investigation. He is passionate about new technologies in general, social networks and innovative uses of the Internet in particular.
He has a great capacity of adaptation and a good written and oral expression because he is in contact with various interlocutors within the company.

Traffic Manager

As a web and marketing specialist, the traffic manager manages the implementation of online advertising campaigns. He is also responsible for the progression of visitor flows on the sites he manages.

What are the missions of a Traffic Manager?

Thetraffic managerimplements a traffic acquisition and optimization strategy. He increases the visibility of the site on search engines, manages web advertising, ensures the follow-up of retargeting operations and manages emailing campaigns.
It analyzes site traffic and positioning via automated reporting tools, calculates conversion rates and defines ROI.
Finally, he conducts a strategic watch to follow the evolution of consumer behavior and determine opportunities for differentiation.

What are the skills of a Traffic Manager?

The traffic manager has a good knowledge of the internet, its evolution and the web language. He also has an excellent marketing culture and masters numerous tools (tracking, retargetting).
It is reactive and anticipates developments.
He/she has a strong curiosity and enjoys working in a team.
He has a sense of negotiation and acts with rigor and method.

e-reputation consultant

Since the rise of digital, the profession of e-reputation consultant is an extension of public relations. It drives the influence and image of a brand, an institution or a personality on the internet. His role is at the heart of the company’s web strategy. Sometimes the job titles vary: social media manager, e-RP consultant.

What are the missions of an e-reputation consultant?

The role of an e-reputation consultant is to positively develop the digital presence of his employer and his image, his reputation, by proposing content adapted to the web platform.
Build arguments and action plans to promote the brand to the media and the general public. He must also be able to respond diplomatically and rigorously to the individual who criticizes or attacks the brands/personalities he represents.
Develop privileged relationships with influential bloggers and journalists and be able to defend the company’s image, especially during a crisis.

What are the skills of an e-reputation consultant?

Good general knowledge of the different web platforms.
Strength of proposal and ability to innovate.
Excellent interpersonal skills, reactivity and very good command of the language, both written and spoken.
Ability to adapt.

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Updated 17 May 2023