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Communication is one of the 10 specializations at INSEEC.

There is no shortage of communication needs for companies, especially in the age of social networking, storytelling and the soon-to-be metaverse…

Find the most frequently encountered jobs:

Internal Communications Officer

The internal communication manager’s mission is to relay the company’s strategy to its employees, to support change and to promote the company’s image and values internally.

What are the tasks of an internal communications officer?

The internal communications manager implements the company’s internal communications, advises the general management in the deployment of this strategy, sets the main lines of social communication, defines the communication targets and monitors achievements and best practices.
He/she develops the content and tools for internal communication (internal newsletter, welcome kit for new employees, intranet), develops them and coordinates their production.
He also organizes internal events to unite the teams.

What are the skills of an internal communications manager?

The internal communication manager has an excellent knowledge of the company’s operations and activities and is familiar with all processes.
He/she masters DTP software and the main programming languages used on the web (HTML, DHTML, XML).
He is a very good writer.
He is a diplomat because he is often at the heart of divergent or even antagonistic interests. He is a good listener and knows how to adapt.
He is dynamic and enthusiastic because he is a network leader who is constantly solicited by a wide variety of actors.

Communication Consultant

The communication consultant intervenes in the realization of the communication strategy of the advertiser. He/she coordinates the development of communication actions by mobilizing the right resources, respecting the planning and the budget defined upstream.

What are the missions of a communication consultant?

The communication consultant develops the communication strategy of his client. To do this, he or she must study and assimilate the brand universe, know the offer and its specificities, based on a brief.
He/she monitors the market: analyzes competitive strategies, shares information between the brand managers, the creative and production teams, and the account manager.
He or she orchestrates the management of the project, formalizes the communication operations by means of specifications, defines a creative brief with the artistic teams, coordinates the creative process and leads the teams.
The consultant ensures the reporting of the activity, evaluates the gaps or the adequacy between the objectives set upstream and the results and proposes corrective actions.

What are the skills of a communication consultant?

The communication consultant has a perfect knowledge of the communication, marketing and media sector, he masters the market trends.
He has the ability to quickly appropriate a new brand universe, a new communication issue.
He or she also masters communication techniques, which vary according to the media; knowledge of the different graphic and editorial chains (TV, press, poster, radio and Internet).
He/she knows how to mobilize and federate the agency’s internal and external resources, and how to lead a work group.
He or she has excellent interpersonal skills, to build customer loyalty and coordinate a large number of contacts.
He is flexible, very adaptable and a team player.

Media Planner

The media planner intervenes before the launch of communication campaigns, in the creation of media plans. Based on quantitative and qualitative studies, he or she selects the media (off-line, on-line) that will enable the client target defined by the advertiser to be reached.

What are the missions of a media planner?

In order to formalize a media plan, the media planner must understand the advertiser’s communication strategy, identify its issues and study the product positioning, analyze the competitive environment and identify the type of customers targeted by the advertiser (SPC, gender, age, geographic location, lifestyle).
It defines the quantitative and qualitative criteria for studying the future results of the study, determines the media (TV, press, radio, poster, Internet, mobile) to be included in the scope of the study, estimates the possible return on investment per medium and proposes a selection of communication products.
It analyses the impact of the media plan and proposes changes to the initial communication objectives.

What are the skills of a media planner?

The media planner has a taste for figures, in order to be able to read a panel and measure the return on investment of a media operation. He/she masters the statistical techniques and tools specific to the media and the media planning profession.
He is a good writer, developing numerous presentations of arguments and reports on media campaigns.
He has a marketing and commercial sensibility, as all recommendations produced have sales and brand image purposes.
They are critical thinkers, independent and have a taste for investigation.

Event Project Manager

The event project manager organizes all types of events, according to the wishes of his or her clients. Much more than a team leader and organizer, he puts his imagination and creativity to work for his clients’ communication needs. Flexibility, availability and composure are the key words of this conductor.

What are the missions of an event project manager?

The events project manager is the conductor of all the events and activities that his or her clients wish to organize. Colloquiums, conferences, conventions, inaugurations, sports events, he is in charge of designing the event, managing the logistics and coordinating the implementation of these events on behalf of his clients. According to the specifications established by the companies for which he works, he stages the image and objectives of his clients through an original concept that he determines beforehand.
He leads meetings with his clients, establishes the specifications, proposes means and tools to implement the event, coordinates the implementation of the project, proposes a communication plan and ensures the management of the event on the ground.

What are the skills of an event project manager?

The event project manager must be creative in its event offerings. He must be organized and responsive. The unexpected is always a possibility. Coolness, patience and good resistance to stress are the key words.
He masters event techniques and communication strategies.
He is able to work together with his own team and various service providers.
His rigor allows him to organize events that meet the expectations of his clients.
His authority and his ability to be listened to enable him to manage his duties as team leader in the best possible way.

Community Manager

The web community manager manages a company’s presence on the internet and social networks via a community of internet users gathered around a common interest. In a company, he or she may report to several different people, such as a department head (communications, marketing).

What are the tasks of a community manager?

Basically, the social networker is in charge of public relations. Taking into account the global strategy of the company, he establishes his own web presence strategy and implements actions.
It uses several different platforms to distribute information (promotion, offer, product test, event …). He writes this content himself in an attractive way. He answers questions from Internet users.
He knows his subject inside out, monitors the community’s reactions and analyses them to calculate the impact of the information. He/she ensures that the participants behave properly and that the exchange is respectful of everyone. For optimal use of the platforms, their functional development must be guaranteed. It also carries out a technological and sectoral watch.
The primary objective is to maintain the company’s reputation.

What are the skills of a community manager?

This position is reserved for web enthusiasts, all of whom are familiar with community mechanisms and social networks.
He also masters SEO and e-marketing and communication tools.
The community manager acts as a diplomat and listens to Internet users, exchanges facilitated by his sense of contact.
His writing skills are well proven. He lets himself be led by his reactivity and creativity. English is an asset.

External Communications/Press Relations Manager

The external communications and public relations manager defines and implements the company’s media and non-media strategy. He is responsible for promoting the company’s brand image, its products and its achievements to its various audiences.

What are the tasks of an external communications / PR manager?

Implementation of external communication campaigns and public/press relations.
Implementation of events to make the company known (to partners / shareholders / public institutions).
Organization and management of teams.
Drafting of communication materials.

What are the skills of an external communications / PR manager?

Good general knowledge of the various media, non-media and institutional levers
Knowledge of marketing mix and online marketing levers
Ability to manage and lead multidisciplinary teams
Strength of proposal and ability to innovate
Negotiation skills
Ability to manage a budget
Very good command of the working language, both written and spoken

Advertising Manager

The advertising manager’s mission, within the framework of a defined budget, is to design and deploy advertising campaigns, on one or more media. He/she is responsible for the brand’s identity, respecting schedules and allocated budgets.

What are the tasks of an advertising manager?

Understanding and ownership of the client’s advertising strategy and defining the implementation of the advertising strategy.
Management of teams and partners, management of commercial relations.
Analysis and optimization of launched advertising operations.

What are the skills of an advertising manager?

Taste for negotiation
Ability to manipulate numbers
Knowledge of the graphic chain
Ability to coordinate a project
Mastery of computer tools
Proficiency in English or other languages
Oral and written fluency
Teamwork, collective spirit
Spirit of analysis and synthesis
Creative sensitivity and critical thinking skills.

Director of Communications

The communication director’s mission is to promote the company’s image to its environment. He/she defines the company’s global communication strategy and manages its implementation on a national or international scale

What are the tasks of a communications director?

Definition of the company’s global communication strategy and the distribution of the allocated budgets.
Management of the communication department.
Coordination of communication campaigns.
It builds the annual plan and must have short, medium and long term visibility on the actions deployed.

What are the skills of a communications director?

Mastery of the different aspects of communication
Very good web, marketing and sales culture
Mastery of the main office software for graphic design or publication of content on the web.
Mastery of the graphic chain.
Project and team management skills
Listening and availability, mobility
Enthusiasm and interpersonal skills.

e-reputation consultant

Since the rise of digital, the profession of e-reputation consultant is an extension of public relations. It drives the influence and image of a brand, an institution or a personality on the internet. His role is at the heart of the company’s web strategy. Sometimes the job titles vary: social media manager, e-RP consultant.

What are the missions of an e-reputation consultant?

The role of an e-reputation consultant is to positively develop the digital presence of his employer and his image, his reputation, by proposing content adapted to the web platform.
Build arguments and action plans to promote the brand to the media and the general public. He must also be able to respond diplomatically and rigorously to the individual who criticizes or attacks the brands/personalities he represents.
Develop privileged relationships with influential bloggers and journalists and be able to defend the company’s image, especially during a crisis.

What are the skills of an e-reputation consultant?

Good general knowledge of the different web platforms.
Strength of proposal and ability to innovate.
Excellent interpersonal skills, reactivity and very good command of the language, both written and spoken.
Ability to adapt.

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Updated 17 May 2023