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Admissions process: how to apply to INSEEC’s BTS?

INSEEC has 5 training programs, accessible from BAC to BAC+5. The BTS is one of these 5 programs.

You can apply to one of the 2 INSEEC campuses in Bordeaux and Lyon depending on your training needs and your geographical location.

Have you already started an online application and would like to complete it? Resume here

You can apply on the INSEEC campus at Paris according to your wishes of training and your geographical situation. By joining the Paris campus you will be admitted to our school Ecole Sup’ Paris, also belonging to the OMNES Education group.

What are the admission criteria for the 1st year BTS?

Like most post-baccalaureate business schools, the application process for the INSEEC BTS is managed independently, outside the Parcoursup procedure.

1st year of BTS | Bac+1

Admission to the first year is open to students in their final year of high school and to students who have already obtained the Baccalauréat.

What are the terms of access to INSEEC’s BTS program?

1. Submission of application
  • Submit your application and supporting documents on our online platform: identity card or passport, last 2 transcripts or last diploma, CV, cover letter.
  • Closing date for applications: 1 month before the start of the school year – subject to availability of places and depending on the campus.
2. Analysis of the file and invitation to the first interview
  • Examination and selection of files on the basis of the information provided
  • First interview at a distance, at this stage the following will be taken into account: the relevance of the professional project, the quality of the argumentation, the diversity of the experiences and the level of language
  • Average response time from the admissions department: 10 days
3. Admission
  • Sending an email of refusal or declaration of eligibility within 10 days
  • If the candidate is accepted, he or she is invited to the campus to discover the campus, to learn more about the INSEEC BTS program, to meet with our teachers and to conduct an individual interview. The purpose of these exchanges is to assess the candidate’s motivation
  • Average response time from the admissions department: 10 days
Steps 1st year
Application FormPreliminary study of the file
First interviewRelevance of the project, motivation, language level
Second interviewOn-site reception
Campus and Program Overview
Written test and individual interview
(one hour group session)
AdmissionBy decision of the admission team
4. Registration
  • Sending of an email of refusal or access to the registration within X days

Commonly asked questions:

Est-ce que tous les campus se valent ? Pourquoi choisir un campus plus qu’un autre ?

The philosophy of the INSEEC BTS program is the same on all three campuses: support and proximity, a curriculum combining business fundamentals and specialization, and a professional path. On each campus, the student associations give rhythm to the life of the school.

Dois-je passer par Parcoursup pour postuler à un BTS de l’INSEEC ?

Admission to the INSEEC BTS program in the first year is subject to a simplified procedure outside Parcoursup. After submitting their application online, students will undergo two motivation interviews.

Combien de temps dois-je attendre avant de recevoir un avis d’admissibilité ?

The results are communicated within 10 days.

Updated 23 February 2024