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Students in their second year of the INSEEC post-baccalaureate program in Paris attended a thematic seminar on digital.

3 questions to David Bechtel, seminar organizer and lecturer in media marketing and creativity techniques at INSEEC :

What are the objectives of this digital seminar for students?

Students need to understand what the digital ecosystem represents in our society.

But also what are social networks really? What do they propose? How to use them in a professional context? During one week, the objective was to transmit notions to the students so that they master the digital techniques, not to become experts in the matter.

Can you give us your definition of digital?

Digital is a complex subject and not only related to digital technology (cliché of the “geek”). It is the use of different web techniques to promote a product or a service. Marketing adapts to new technologies, user habits and consumption patterns.

Today, we talk about the “digital natives”, the young people who represent what is called “the connected generation”. For them, there are no boundaries on the internet, everything is relatively connected to fun. I like to talk about a “userfriendly” use of digital, that is to say convivial, which was born with the Internet. Traditional marketing has undeniably evolved towards a more digital marketing, especially with the rise of mobile marketing.

How did you organize this seminar?

The seminar was designed to last 4 days. The mornings were devoted to courses or lectures and the afternoons to workshops in small groups.

The first day was organized on the basis of the three-thirds rule: 1/3 discovery, 1/3 understanding, and 1/3 practice. It’s discovery or rediscovery, but in a new way, with a new project. Principle of this first day: “No theory without practice and vice versa”. In the morning, the students discovered the digital ecosystem and in the afternoon the theory of identification, focus and use of communication tools.

We gave them the subject of the project on which they worked in team during 3 days: To carry out the digital diagnosis (which are the web tools used in the communication strategy?) of their school INSEEC Bachelor and to bring their recommendations.

On the2nd day, the students conducted a study of the company and observed the web tools used (analysis of the digital strategy). How are they used? How can we improve them with a marketing plan? But also how to improve the image of the school thanks to these tools?

On thethird day, the students worked on the theme of “social media”. How can we spread the image of a company on social networks? (content/ad/social media).

The last day of the seminar focused on mobile marketing and in particular on the stages of its development. During the afternoon workshops, students had to create an INSEEC Bachelor mobile application, with 5 key features, and then learn how to promote it.

Laurie, 2nd year student, gives us her impressions at the end of the digital seminar:

“The seminar was very interesting! We enjoyed the group work each afternoon. As the subject of our digital project was about the INSEEC Bachelor, we now have a better knowledge of the web tools used to promote our school. Finally, thanks to the speakers, we have another idea of what digital represents in the business world.”

Positive outcome of this second digital seminar. Next session in 2016, with probably new digital techniques to talk about!

Updated 24 February 2022