A harvest of Masterclasses at the Bachelor Campus Chambéry !

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At the time of thinking – already! – INSEEC Bachelors3rd year students can count on a few professional Masterclasses to help them continue their studies in a bachelor’s degree program or to enter the job market. The goal? help them to better understand the issues that await them, depending on the field of activity.

There are those who are comforted by the Masterclasses, and there are those who do not project themselves in the daily life that is portrayed to them.
Within the same honors class, the presentation of a Digital Project Manager either stimulates or scares. And that’s the whole point of these special times of exchange with working professionals!

It is important for students to discover the daily life of a business sector,” says the INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry teaching team.
We often ask people who come to meet our students to start with a leap into the past. What studies have they completed? What course? What position(s) or function(s) did they hold? Then we invite them to reflect on their typical day. In the manner of “24 hours in my life of…”.

Opening horizons

Here is a small but not exhaustive selection of professionals who kindly came to meet our students!

B3-International Trade had the chance to be received at the WTO by an international trade expert. They also attended a Supply Chain and International PurchasingMasterclass.

The B3-Finance team met with a Financial Control Manager from Bouygues Energies et Services . They also met with a key account auditor from KPMG in Lyon.

The B3-Marketing Digital and Communication had the opportunity to listen to the rich experience of Damien Manias, CEO of the web agency Here we come. They also attended a mini-conference on fake news and digital infobesity.
Next highlight: a ” Paid Search ” Masterclass, to introduce them to this complementary practice to natural search.

The B3-Marketing of Luxury and Tourism enjoyed a day of multi-sector visits in the luxury industry. They go to the palaces of our resorts of Savoie Mont Blanc. They will complete their semester with a ” Wine ” Masterclass, led by the “Tast’Emoi” sommelier. A gastronomic table will conclude their semester!

On the business side, the B3-Marketing and Business Development students will hear advice from Véronique Rodari, former Category Manager of the Seb Group. Then, those of former student Valentin Thouvenot, currently on the job market.
With the B3-Alternates, they shared the audience with Xavier Villard, from the MSc Business & Consulting Development.

B3-Immobilier had the chance to hear the manager-founder of Cap Investissement. They will soon welcome a Project Manager from the Bouygues Immobilier unit in Annecy. Then the broker Yoan Doridot, from the company Le Courtier Savoyard.

Updated 24 February 2022