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What makes a good manager? What are its main responsibilities? What are the necessary qualities of a good manager? Last week, the Be Responsible as a Manager seminar, offered to2nd year students at the Paris campus, tried to answer these questions.

During a week punctuated byinterventions from professionals,fun workshops andpractical exercises, the students were exposed to the main challenges of the manager’s job. They have been confronted with all aspects of management: leading people, defining strategies or even social and environmental obligations, for example.

The INSEEC Bachelor had entrusted the organization of this new seminar to Stéphane ROSENWALD Stéphane ROSENWALD, a specialist in corporate strategy, business model changes, change management, value creation, innovation, business development, entrepreneurship and market & competitive intelligence. For him ” Management is a diverse and evolving discipline. […] The objective of this seminar is to make students aware of these facets of management, to give them the basic attitudes and behaviors that will enable them to build their managerial approach

With a pedagogical objective in mind, we wanted to give priority to the implementation of interactive sequences to allow students, through their own experiences, to discover the main aspects of management. With this in mind, they began the seminar with a hands-on workshop: the Spaghetti-Marshmallow Challenge. Through this puzzle and strategy game, where the goal is to create the tallest tower using spaghetti and a marshmallow, the students were able to discover the difficulty of teamwork.

The seminar ended with the ‘I am the worst manager‘ game: once again divided into teams, the students acted out their vision of the ‘ worst ‘ manager!

Updated 24 February 2022