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Alexandra, currently in her final year of high school, attended the INSEEC Bachelor exam preparation on Wednesday, February 10. Following the coaching, she gave her impressions to our team of student reporters:

This preparation was an opportunity to discover more about the school’s premises and above all to be able to ask all the questions I had in mind concerning the test I dreaded the most: the motivation interview.

I was nervous by nature, but now I am more relaxed to apprehend the event and to put forward my assets. I’m less afraid of running into a trick question during the interview.

I was expecting to do a “blank” individual interview with a teacher. However, the preparation put in place by the school allowed us to listen to each other’s questions, to exchange different points of view, which proved to be very beneficial: I now know what to say, what not to say, how to behave on the big day and what kind of questions to prepare myself for.

In addition to this coaching, I also practiced for the written exams, thanks to the annals of subjects available on the website. It gave me a good understanding of the type of tests I will have to take during the competition. The answer keys also allow us to evaluate ourselves and to situate ourselves for grading.

The next preparation for the INSEEC Bachelor exam will take place on Wednesday March 16th.

Register by sending an email to Aline Parienti, admissions officer: admissions-bachelorparis@inseec.com

Updated 24 February 2022