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Adrien Covarel, in his third year of a Bachelor’s degree and on an internship in London, explains his background:

“After the baccalaureate, I didn’t know exactly where to turn. I didn’t have a specific training project but I had a mindset that was compatible with a business school. I thought that a training program such as Inseec had the advantage of not closing any doors and of giving useful tools in many fields of activity.

In his second year, Adrien went to London for an internship.

“I wanted to go abroad to develop my English language skills. Inseec offered me a Summer Session in London. I am happy with this experience during which I was enriched. This year, in London for the second time, I preferred to do an internship rather than an Erasmus, because I think it is much more professional. I found this internship on my own, but Inseec has always encouraged me to go abroad.

Adrien is in a real estate investment company that works in Lisbon, Paris, Rio and a lot in the Alps, in the marketing department: realization of brochures, destination guides, website writing, various advertisements, sales assistance for the sales people.

“I’m having a great time, especially since the company is young and dynamic, and I’ve always been interested in real estate! London is really dynamic, always something to do, to see; frankly, there is never a dull moment!”

During his first stay in London, Adrien was working in a smoothie bar, wellness center, but was more involved in shopping than in the business development and marketing originally planned. Nevertheless, being in an English-speaking and foreign setting was very beneficial for him. This year, Adrien is working in a field he particularly likes!

During these internships, apart from English, which is essential, the teaching followed at Inseec in marketing, communication and various theoretical workshops: Sales Competition, Crisis Management, Défi Créa, have provided Adrien with important tools.

“It is above all a professional maturity that I have developed thanks to the Bachelor’s degree. Let’s hope now that a specific and advanced master’s degree in the activities I like will continue to make me grow into a great businessman!”

And why don’t you go abroad for an internship, too?

Updated 24 February 2022