Antoine Angéla’s Bachelor competition day on the Chambéry campus

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At 17 years old, Antoine Angéla spent a full day in early February on the Chambéry campus to participate in the entrance exams for the Inseec U. Sport. The student presents his day and gives his advice to those who will soon try their luck.

There was a large crowd on Saturday, February 10 on the Inseec U campus in Chambéry. Many high school students, most of whom are currently in their final year of high school, were taking the compulsory entrance exam to enter the Bachelor’s programs: classical and business, international, and also the Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. How did Antoine prepare himself?
“The school had sent me last year’s exams, including the general sports knowledge questions, so I was able to practice. So I was able to practice.”

And in the end, then?
“There were questions I couldn’t answer, but I gave it my all!”

After this first exam, it is time for the English test. First impressions: “There were a lot of grammar questions and it helps to check the basics,” says the student.

Any advice? Stay true to yourself!

After a lunch offered by the school, just to regain their strength, all the candidates faced the motivation interview, an essential step in the idea of joining a top business school, at the beginning of the afternoon. And there, the current students of the school, as perfect guides, were able to accompany them as well as possible.

“We got a ride and information about our rooms from students and it was pretty cool. We were able to interact well and ask some questions.”

For twenty minutes afterwards, Antoine had to present his motivations for joining Inseec U. to the jury.


“I wanted to be myself and not try to be the perfect student at all costs. That would have been pointless.

This was the end of a day that was sometimes stressful, but also enriching for all the candidates. The candidates, including Antoine, will receive their admission results within ten days.

Let’s wish them good luck!

Updated 24 February 2022