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For the Sport Public Relations course, third year Bachelor’s students INSEEC SPORT on the Chambéry campus could not have dreamed of anything better: for two days, they were able to be in contact with Audrey Aïgoun, a native of Toulouse, and an expert in public relations in the field of sports. Notably, as national coordinator of the ten stadiums for Euro 2016, she shared her experience with an enthusiastic audience.

The background could make many people salivate: Audrey Aïgoun quickly jumped into the big bath of public relations in the sports world. A graduate of a Toulouse business school, she spent 13 years as operations manager at City One, a large service agency. Her main mission is hospitality and PR in sports, a field she is particularly fond of.

“I was in charge of the Events, Marketing and Distribution companies with experience during Euro 2016 in particular.”

Indeed, among the many applications, Audrey was selected as the national coordinator of the ten stadiums for Euro 2016.

“My mission? To manage all the VIP reception areas in the ten sports venues of the competition. It was a 10-month job, 9 months for the preparation and one month in the field. I was in contact with the different audiences: VIPs, protocol, officials and partner guests.

“Presenting students with real-life cases.”

During two days, she discussed these themes with the third year students of the Bachelor INSEEC SPORT. Accreditations, location, protocol area, VIPs’ trombinoscope: really concrete cases!

“I tried to bring to the students my experience in the field and the whole universe of an organization in terms of hospitality. I also talked about my missions at Toulouse FC, Castres Olympique, and the World Handball Championships. I particularly appreciated the exchanges and interactions I had with the class.

A delighted class did not hesitate to ask Audrey Aïgoun dozens of questions. Who promised to come back!

Updated 24 February 2022