Bachelor 1 sales competition 2018: a shared victory for a great state of mind!

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On the Chambéry Campus, the Bachelors competed for the title of “Best Salesman 2018” at the end of a sales challenge rich in suspense! Clara Perrin and Sami Fridhi share first place this year!

Each year, the1st year Bachelors participate in a big sales contest in the school. The purpose of this challenge is to put into practice the theoretical lessons taught in the first semester (in summary, the main stages of selling: making contact / discovering needs / reformulating needs / argumentation / handling objections / reformulating the appropriate product / concluding the sale / taking leave).

This year’s sales competition involved 62 students and was structured around three main phases: one and a half days of classes and coaching provided by three sales professors; one and a half days of training for the simulation; and one and a half days of competition in front of a jury made up entirely of professionals. The best ones went through the jury, the special jury and the honorary jury, until the final, which took place in the school’s main auditorium! This is enough to give the finalists stage fright!

Bringing the profession of sales manager to life

This year’s sales competition was sponsored by BNP Paribas and the DCF (Dirigeants Commerciaux de France) network, a professional association whose mission is to promote the sales function. Frank Serret, member of the DCF Pays de Savoie, also responsible for the CNC (National Marketing Competition) and Sales Manager at Vinci on this morning of challenge:

“The students blew us away with their professionalism and maturity; the competition was tough!”

Declared the big winners of the 2018 edition a few dusty points ahead of Léa Collin, Thibaut Richard and Maeva Baronio, Clara Perrin and Sami Fridhi received a standing ovation from their fellow students and the amphitheater. All five left copiously spoiled by the school and their sponsors… Bachelors 1: get ready to frame the competition in 2019 as well as the Bachelors 2 did this year!

Updated 24 February 2022