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Lionel Meyer, director of the INSEEC Luxury Institute programs, talks about the new bac+3 specialization “Retailing du Luxe”, which will open at the INSEEC Bachelor in September 2016.

Luxury does not mean “glitter”. This work-study bachelor’s degree aims to train future experts in the field.

In the luxury market, we essentially talk about luxury retailing, in other words, how to get in touch with picky customers. If we had to summarize luxury retailing in 5 words: authenticity, passion, observation, consistency, and patience.

In the luxury goods sector, the ABC’s are acquired through customer relations and the sales act.

Luxury retailing: a demanding sector

First of all, in the world of luxury, whether you are in France or not, the clients are varied and international. It is therefore mandatory to have a good command of English and to know another language.

Secondly, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential: we accompany the customer, we make him want to, we make him dream.

The Bachelor’s degree in Luxury Retailing will allow students to deepen and master the following aspects

  • The premium approach to sales.
  • The culture of luxury: knowing the brands of the luxury sector
  • Cross-cultural management (international approach): learning to adapt to colleagues and clients.
  • Omnichannel approach: All about our product, website. The customer should not know more than we do.
  • Being human
  • Behavioral coaching by luxury specialists.
  • Team management
  • Study of the evolving CSR.

After the Bachelor’s degree in luxury retailing, there are many options for further study within the INSEEC Group, with specialized MSc or MBA programs (in French or English).

To know : All registrations for the Bachelor’s degree program in luxury retailing must be made online on our website.n online on our website.

Updated 4 September 2023