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The third year Inseec U. Sport from the Chambéry campus went to the Groupama Stadium, in Lyon, to take the pulse of this great club that is the Olympique Lyonnais. An afternoon placed under the sign of the history around the formation chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas.

Welcomed by Stéphane Benas, the famous director of the Olympique Lyonnais museum, the Bachelor 3 Inseec U. SPORT of Chambéry, spent a pleasant moment, full of history.

After a brief introduction by the boss of the place, the students were able to discover this museum on three floors, almost unique in the French soccer world. More than the past – very important – the O.L. has chosen the future in this setting that will have cost nearly 6 million €uros: a large place is indeed left to women’s soccer but also to the academy with the question: how does one become a professional player?

The students, supervised by their program manager Julian Dupraz, Eric Dellamaggiore, teacher in sports economics, and Carole Brescia, teaching assistant, were able to experience a total immersion in this particularly rich history. Some of them were also able to try their hand at commentating a League 1 soccer match.

In this little game, it is Paul Bôle, who celebrated his twentieth birthday (and big fan of the OL)!

They (also) go on the lawn!

To crown this beautiful day, the students were then able to walk on the Groupama Stadium’s pitch and also to walk through the corridors of the stadium’s changing rooms. Camera and cell phones in hand to immortalize the moment.

We feel really small,” said Thomas Migeon, who was particularly impressed by the size of the facility, which has nearly 55,000 seats.

After a heartfelt thanks to the host of the day, Stéphane Benas, the students were able to return to their bus to the Chambéry campus.

From now on, and for six months, they will go on an internship in order to put into practice all the concrete elements seen in class. A whole new story for them that should also be written… to tell later. Like in a museum.

Updated 24 February 2022