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After graduating from high school, Marie wanted to continue her studies and join the International BBA of the INSEEC Group.

She passed the entrance exam, she tells us about her experience.

Why choose a business school?

I think that today it is essential! This allows me to acquire knowledge and develop skills that I will need in the long term. In this sense, joining a business school will help me broaden my theoretical knowledge but also cultivate an open mind through the experiences in companies or abroad and the multiculturalism of the students

How did you prepare for the competition?

I did a lot of research on the school from the beginning. Secondly, as its name indicates, the BBA International is an international program. In order to prepare myself for the exams, which are partly in English, I read English newspapers such as the New York Times, the Daily News or The Economist. Thanks to this reading, I was able to get used to the English language, to the sometimes technical vocabulary but also to the understanding of texts on different subjects.
For the oral exam, it is important to practice at least once, to know what you are going to say, the points you are comfortable with and that you want to emphasize.

How did the tests go?

The tests in general went well, I think! The people on the spot who are supervising us have reassured us. The written exam went well… Waiting for the oral exam was a stressful time but once I got into the room I felt confident. We understand that the members of the jury, in my case a professor, are there to get to know us, to delimit our professional project, our motivation, and certainly not to trap us.

What advice would you give to future candidates?

Don’t forget to proofread! This is essential for the written tests. It is therefore necessary to always keep an eye on the watch to avoid being surprised by the weather. You should also prepare yourself a little for the oral exam by thinking about questions such as: what is my project? why did i choose this school? what are my strengths?

Updated 24 February 2022