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Alexandra, a 1st year student, is doing her customer relations internship at Lacoste.

She tells us about her first experience in sales in Paris, during the rhythmic period of the sales, often complicated for the retailers:

“I am doing my internship in the Lacoste boutique on the Champs Elysées. Throughout the month of January, I will discover several aspects of sales and customer relations.

My main missions are to advise the customers, to welcome them in the store, to be efficient in the sales dynamics but also to help in the reorganization of the stocks of articles.

I already realize that the customer’s requirements change regularly. Indeed, age and nationality can influence their behavior. Above all, I learn to adapt to the client’s profile in order to best respond to their requests.

My integration in the store is going quite well. My tutor and the other managers are available to answer all my questions and help me in my first experience in customer relations.

When you find yourself in a company, you have the reflex to want to apply the notions you learned at school. Several courses are useful to me in my internship today, especially the modules on sales methods and public speaking. These two subjects allowed me to understand and apply the steps of the sale, as well as to use the communication tips in order to best approach the customer.

Updated 24 February 2022