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Did you know that?

Located in the south of the country, Hồ-Chí-Minh City, which everyone in Vietnam still calls Saigon (its pre-1975 name), experienced 95 years of French influence (it still has several colonial buildings dating from the 19th With its 9 million inhabitants (half of which are under 25 years old), it is the economic capital of Vietnam and is becoming an important business center in Southeast Asia.n her Bachelor year, Juliette Blanc applied to go abroad for a university semester. Vietnam was one of the proposed countries and it is at the HOA SEN University in Ho Chi Minh City that Juliette will live this international experience.
I wanted to go to an Asian country because the culture and way of life are very different from ours and the experience is all the more powerful. “During this university semester, the weekly classes were grouped into 3 days.
“In the beginning, the classes were spread over 4 different campuses! I couldn’t get around quickly because the city is huge and the traffic is very heavy. So the schedule was changed in order to gather the courses on one campus. When I arrived, I met other French students who were going to take the same semester as me. We quickly became friends and found a common apartment.The courses were chosen according to the courses followed in France, and also according to the desired depth of knowledge. Juliette’s choice was six subjects:

  • Organizational behavior (study of social behaviors in companies, management, how to motivate employees, how to manage their stress…)
  • Marketing channel management (study of distribution channels)
  • International business management (international marketing, strategies and operations for launching a product internationally)
  • Brand management (how to create, develop and promote your brand)
  • Sales management (management of a sales team, development of a sales plan, study of sales techniques in B2B and B2C)
  • E-commerce (study of the different sales channels via the Internet, why and how to set up an e-shop)

Juliette has learned a lot, both at university and in everyday life. She was also able to visit many beautiful places during her free time.

“It is an experience that I would recommend to anyone. If, by chance, I have the opportunity to do it again in my next few years of training, I won’t hesitate for a second.

Updated 24 February 2022