Lorenzo: my sales experience in perfumery

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The first year Bachelor’s program requires students to complete a 3-week internship in sales.

Lorenzo, who already had sales experience in ready-to-wear, wanted to discover a new world. He found himself in a very feminine environment, that of perfumery; in a Sephora store, one of the largest beauty product distribution chains in Europe.

“I arrived with my suitcases of prejudices about this very particular universe that is perfumery! After a timid start in this temple of beauty, without any technical knowledge of perfumes, what I thought was a constraint at the beginning was very quickly transformed into a very rich human experience.”

Morning briefs with the manager, tables of figures, sales targets, specific technical terms, all related to what he has learned in class, Lorenzo is gradually becoming more comfortable in the store, smiling more, expressing himself more clearly and assertively when advising customers. Thanks to his internship, he discovers new approaches and sales methods, different from his previous experience.
“A perfume is an idea, an emotion, an expression of personality, not very concrete concepts…”

Lorenzo also discovers all the logistical and administrative tasks: punctual and rotating inventories, display, storage of deliveries, sorting of products, management of schedules… The marketing and promotional aspect is also present throughout the store, from the largest advertising poster to the product packaging.

I learned the little tricks of the trade, the reception process, the cashing up, but also the values, the original approaches to advice and sales, so many things! I felt valued, easily integrated, bolder and perfectly trained!”

Lorenzo concludes, “All in all, Sephora is a close-knit team with a ‘winner’ mentality!”

Updated 24 February 2022