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At the beginning of their Bachelor’s degree, Anna, Camille Mathilde and Marie had a common idea: to realize a solidarity – humanitarian project.

Close to the children, holders of BAFA, it is during the course of Project Management that their common desire to go to Madagascar was born. Why Madagascar? it is a French-speaking country allowing them to facilitate exchanges on the spot, in the process of development, with an alarming economic situation (5th poorest country in the world).

Madagas’cœur was launched!

Through a personal contact, they found a shelter for underprivileged children, a local association, Akany Avoko. Their basic idea was simply to send toys to the children of this association.

Then they decided to leave to bring an educational support to the children, and their project evolving during the year, they are looking for local craftsmen to renovate the leisure room of the association, and to make wooden games for them, in order to also help the economy of the country.

Purchase of raw materials, contact with local artisans, participation of the center’s staff and contribution of the children for the final decorations …. All the work and all the purchases were made on the spot, with the means of the edge, during one month of work!

To finance their trip, they have carried out a number of actions throughout their school year, including food sales, sometimes in association with other events, within the campus.

They also presented their project to the city of Chambéry, the MJC, the department, and to Chambéry associations that support solidarity travel, and obtained grants.

They benefited from the network of one of their speakers, Mr. Goudenove, whom they thank for his listening skills in the progress of the project.

They created all the communication of the trip: creation of a Facebook page Madagas’coeur, were interviewed by radio NRJ Alpes, and cherry on the cake, on the spot, were interviewed by the Malagasy national newspaper Madagasikara.

“In organizing this project, we learned first and foremost about teamwork, financial management and logistics.

We felt we had to fend for ourselves. This project made us move, mature! We have become fully aware of our responsibilities as young adults and this will always be useful to us, whatever our future jobs may be (Project Manager, marketing for some of them)

For Mathilde, it’s obvious:

“The fact that I was able to put the project together until the end, that I did everything to make it happen, and that I had a foothold in Africa makes me want to work in emerging countries. I also want to continue to work with AKANY AVOKO for child sponsorship.

The Project Management subject is great, it makes you realize that you can do anything even if you are 18/20 years old, this course at Inseec can create great opportunities, any project can be realized!”

We wish full success to these four young women of heart, in Project Management, certainly the pillar of their professional future.

Updated 24 February 2022