Manon Baudais, in her 3rd year of the Bachelor program, and working in a freelance consulting firm

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Passionate and motivated by marketing and business development, Manon Baudais has a clear vision of what she wants to do. At 20 years old, she is in her 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree at Campus Chambéry.

In high school, Manon chose a career path that would allow her to take her first steps in marketing. A field that she is now refining, combined with business development. The young woman has chosen to pursue this program as a work-study program since September 2020.

His goal is to continue his journey at Inseec until he reaches the baccalaureate +5. She holds two diplomas: quality trainer and event consultant.

Manon’s idea?

Develop press relations for companies, manage internal and external emergencies, such as bad buzz on the Internet, for example.
Then, to create an independent company at the end of the Bachelor as a consultant. Thus, the work-study program is the best way to test the field, to acquire the keys and reflexes of the profession.

A diverse, motivating and altruistic professional environment

His work experience, within an independent consulting firm, allowed him to touch all the fields of the profession. Without any routine, since the matter is alive and its missions are diversified. The 3.0 company, whose activities are both local and national, gives Manon enough autonomy to help the consultants in their daily missions. Listening to them from their strategy to the realization of communication supports.
In addition, Manon animates the company’s social networks, and sets up internal sessions between consultants.

The rhythm, three weeks in the company and one week in class, allows her to carry out small missions from A to Z. This confirms her aptitudes and choices.

“The advantage is that I can be in the field and still go to class and meet my friends. Ne are not too cut off from the “student mode”. What makes us special are our very different and complementary backgrounds, which encourages mutual support. In addition, with the work-study program, we can apply what we learn in class to our activity, such as creating newsletters, content, and a communication plan.

A dedicated team of instructors and teachers who are present and dedicated

At Inseec, Manon appreciates the availability of the instructors, whose educational continuity and perfect knowledge of their market she praises. Not to mention that having joined Inseec U in Chambéry last year, in an international class where all courses were taught in English, she is enjoying the experience.

Seduced by the description given by a friend, now a fellow student, Manon is very satisfied with her entry into Inseec,

“We are all very corporate here, it’s a place with a great group spirit. The vast majority of people are happy to be here. We have qualified speakers, a good teaching staff, a network, a good student life and a good level.”

A positive experience for Manon!

Updated 25 January 2024