Portrait of Anthony Ginet, an entrepreneurial goal after studying Finance

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Currently in his3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance, Anthony Ginet wishes to continue his studies in MSc Corporate Finance, with work-study and entrepreneurship in mind.

Anthony, what is your educational background?

I obtained my Bac S, Mathematics option in 2014 at the Lycée de l’Albanais in Rumilly.

Wanting to open as many doors as possible and to get out of this too specific branch, I decided to continue my education in a business school at Inseec campus Chambéry to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Management-Marketing-Communication.

What does INSEEC-Chambéry offer you?

Inseec Chambéry allows me to be in a business school of human size, which is rather advantageous because we follow a quality training with speakers for each module, and in parallel, we can benefit from a personalized follow-up of our course.

Would you like to continue your studies? If so, where and in what?

Today, the world of work is becoming more and more complicated and there are fewer and fewer jobs. So I think it makes sense to continue your education, of course. Be careful not to study just to add another line to your CV; I think that, for example, work-study programs should be taken into account because company managers are looking for qualified but professional people.

I therefore continue with a master MSc Corporate Finance in alternation, and still at Inseec Chambéry. We are fortunate to be in a region that is dynamic and prosperous in most sectors of activity.

What do you want to do in the future?

My parents being shopkeepers, I have had this entrepreneurial spirit since I was very young. I know for a fact that I would have to go through the status of an employee before being able to manage and start my own business, but that is one of my goals. These days, with so much competition between potential candidates, the hardest part is staying on top of opportunities.

You always have to want more than your “opponent”, the end of the story usually smiles on the most enterprising and those who will have taken risks. I would like to start in renowned companies like Magnin-Gecors to eventually take off on my own.

Updated 24 February 2022