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A few weeks ago, Liliane Courrier (Inseec U. Chambéry’s LV1 English referent) and her charming Canadian accent, flew to Slovakia for a working seminar at theUniversity of economics in Bratislava.

The objective?
To meet with academic partners of foreign universities, to exchange on programs and mobility modalities, in order to strengthen our links with them to encourage the departure of our3rd year Bachelors in semester 6.

The seminar started with the reception of eighteen academic referees from ten different nationalities and continued with a lecture by the Japanese Ambassador to Slovakia. During the afternoon of the first day, everyone had the opportunity to present their campus and its specificities before leaving for a guided tour of Bratislava.

A very beautiful city crossed by the Danube,” says Liliane Courrier, “with a variety of architecture (medieval style with castles, gates and towers; Baroque palaces; Gothic cathedral, etc.) and which hosts the headquarters of the Slovak presidency, parliament and government.

Think tank on intercultural communication

The next day, after a hearty breakfast, theUniversity of economics had scheduled a workshop on intercultural communication and then offered its guests a course entitled Corporate Responsibility in Practice, given by the Communications and Brand Director of a large Slovakian electricity company.

A good atmosphere was established with the small group,” says Liliane Courrier. I also had the opportunity to talk with a program manager in Estonia about a possible future partnership, which was immediately relayed to the International Relations Unit of the Inseec U Group.

Thank you, Liliane, for representing our campus and working so that each year more Inseec Bachelor students can study for a full semester in one of our 70 partner universities!

Updated 24 February 2022