The first years of INSEEC SPORT are sliding!

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What better way than in the field to understand and apply what you have learned in class?

This is the purpose of the Project Management and Business Action course scheduled for all first years of the Bachelor’s program.

The INSEEC U. SPORT campus Chambéry took advantage of the presence of Quentin Distch(MSc 1 Sport Management), a student working with the Chamonix Pionniers field hockey club, to take action on the field at the ice rink during the game against the Lyon Hockey Club.

The Pionniers de Chamonix club, which operates at the highest level of French field hockey, continues its professionalization.
To do this, Quentin Ditsch joined the administrative staff as a sales and marketing assistant, while completing his first year of MSc in Sports Management on the Chambéry campus.
One problem was quickly raised by the student: the club does not know enough about its public that comes regularly to the rink.
Thus, Quentin Ditsch decided to launch a study and a questionnaire. The latter was implemented as part of the course on project management and commercial actions, under the supervision of Julian Dupraz, the head of the INSEEC SPORT programs.

“We accompanied the students in the construction of this questionnaire by reflecting together on the essential questions. They understood the interest of such a mission,” says the manager.

On the spot, in front of the public!

After this preparation phase, and once the questionnaire had been validated internally by the club, the students were asked to go out into the field and meet the Chamonix public. This was the case for seven of them who participated in the game between the Haute-Savoie club and Lyon Hockey Club.
On the program: the reception of the public by the qualitative and quantificative questionnaire.

It went very well, the public was receptive to our questions,” says Alice, a first-year INSEEC SPORT student.

In the end, about 100 questionnaires were collected. An operation that will be continued at other Pioneer meetings.

So, it’s sliding for our students!

Updated 24 February 2022