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During the first year of the Bachelor’s program, the students were offered a challenge that takes place every year in Korea, in Daejon, at the Inseec partner university: SolBridge. This is a case study: “Marketing strategy for an innovative product”, chosen on Kickstarter, in competition with other business schools of different nationalities.

A selection is made first on the level of English and then on the motivation and general behavior of the student.

Agathe, Madeline, Alexandre and Yann, highly motivated and pushed by their English teacher and their Bachelor Program Manager, therefore left in October 2017, at the beginning of the2nd year, to carry out this challenge.

Once there, they tour Daejon for two days, then arrive at SolBridge to begin the competition. After a general presentation, in English, of the teams and business schools (mainly Asian), forty-eight hours are granted to them to set up their project inside the university, without any field trip: choice of product, choice of country, animated discussions, preparation for the general presentation in front of 100 people and a jury of 3 professionals!

And their project presented?

“Solar Paper”, a Kickstarter* product, an external battery with solar panels for charging connected objects.

Then, at the end of the stay, they even had the chance to visit Seoul, a palace and also tasted the culinary tourism, to close with a superb company visit: SAMSUNG.

Their record ?

“an event, a competition, and a wonderful glimpse of Korea: another unforgettable experience, filled with lots of adrenaline, thanks to our studies at Inseec!”

*Kickstarter: the number one platform in the world for participatory financing, the fund for creating projects.

Updated 24 February 2022