The VOLTAIRE project at the Bachelor : the great reconciliation with spelling !

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The great reconciliation!

This is how the students of the INSEEC Sport and INSEEC Bachelor programs at the Chambéry campus describe their relationship with the Voltaire Project.

It is an online spelling remediation tool deployed throughout their educational career. Against all odds… students love this module!

The level of spelling mastery among 18/20 year olds is, frankly, catastrophic,” say Julian Dupraz and Sarah Molina.
Julian and Sarah are respectively responsible for the INSEEC Sport and INSEEC Bachelor programs.

“The failure to integrate and treat spelling as a subject in its own right in high school combined with phonetic-synthetic writing on smartphones has not helped our students improve,” summarizes Sarah Molina.

In business school, the cut-off point comes as soon as the first professionalization periods begin. Companies may indeed go so far as to break off an internship if they cannot delegate any current editorial production. For example: email, report, product sheet, content for social networks…

Today, 82% of recruiters say they are sensitive to the spelling of candidates. Action was urgently needed to enable learners to regain confidence in their writing.

An adaptive blended-learning course (e-learning + classroom)

Béatrice Deforche, Voltaire Project referent for the INSEEC U. campus Chambéry :

“Which is very beneficial is that the e-learning course adapts to the level of the student; and also, to his lifestyle and studies. Indeed, the platform can be used on the laptop, the tablet or even the phone. This favors an immediate, regular, split or not connection.

A satisfaction survey launched among first and second year Bachelor’s students in late December 2019 pleads for the inclusion of this spelling remediation pathway by over 88%. This alongside the core subjects of management and business!

The Voltaire Project has a coefficient of 2, just like management or marketing.

It is compulsory in the first and second year of the Bachelor’s program, optional in the third year. The most motivated will be able to take the Voltaire Certification. Like the TOEIC, this certification provides an official level score. An undeniable plus on a CV!

“Being able to express oneself easily and having a perfect command of the French language are two elements that will enhance the value of an application on the job market. They will also make the difference between two candidates,” adds Julian Dupraz.

Julian is well known on campus for starting each of his classes with… dictation!

Updated 4 September 2023