Théa Dall’Agnol talks about her passion for dance and her journey at the Bachelor’s degree

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Thea’s passion, in her third year of a Bachelor’s degree, has been Hip Hop dancing for seven years.

Thea started at the age of 3 years old the awakening to dance, then the modern jazz “Since I was a little girl, I was addicted to dance!”

“Currently, I am part of the Phoenix Company in Chambéry. We develop choreographies, present end of year shows, create street shows. I also do hip hop battles, which consists of competing against someone in a category, on music that you don’t know, in improvisation “

In relation to her studies at Inseec, Thea’s constant question is how to live and position herself between her two completely different lives!

“What I learn at Inseec, I apply to my dance company by managing their communication; I notably created their website, I manage their social networks, and I make videos to feed their networks.

For Thea, dance brings perseverance, which is also necessary for studies.

“Being a Bachelor student allows me to have time to train; the schedule is very adaptable, it’s a real plus of these studies, I train four times a week, not counting the weekends of shows and battles!”

In the first year, thanks to the Project Management subject, Thea first offered hip hop classes to the students, thanks to which she felt she was strongly supported by the Bachelor leaders.

Then, thanks to the Project Management subject, she had the chance to go to Nepal.

This decision followed the earthquakes in the spring of 2015; after contacting various humanitarian associations, one of them agreed to send him and other students from his class to a very remote part of the country to a school under reconstruction.

“I was able to give dance lessons to Nepalese children. I wanted to give something of my own, my dance, and receive in return the dance of another culture, and thus see something else about dance.

For the Nepalese, dance is traditional, based on songs, they have a completely different vision of dance. And the children had never seen hip hop!

Soon to be accepted for an Erasmus trip to Finland to finish her Bachelor’s degree, Thea has been looking for a dance hall in Finland to continue the battles and shows.

“It is so inspiring to see other dance techniques! It gives ideas for developing the imagination that marketing projects also require…”

“My future project, first and foremost, is not to give up dancing! Currently at the end of my Bachelor’s degree, the professional question arises: follow the path of dance or go into the field of marketing / communication which I like very much. I have to make the connection between a career as a dancer and practicing what I learned in my Bachelor’s degree. Ideally, it would be to combine the two, my passion for dance and my passion for all that is communication strategy and project management, as a freelancer, why not, in dance halls.

Updated 24 February 2022