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Tony Pessey threw his graduation hat high, very high, last December to enter full force into the workforce.
A look back, in three questions and a bonus (!), at the career of a former student whose beautiful smile we will not soon forget…

Tony, a year ago, you were a 3rd year student in “Marketing and Business Development” at INSEEC U. Chambéry campus. You were about to hand in your thesis. How did you experience this year of work-study? What did it bring you?

I was under contract with my own company (an event agency). This allowed me to make an immediate link between theory (which I don’t like at first…) and the reality of the field. The results are very positive for me. I continued to grow my company while acquiring new skills in marketing and business development.

What is your daily routine today?

I am the director of six event agencies INNOV’events . My job is to manage the teams, supervise the financial side of the company and think about new development strategies.
We are two partners and we share the roles in the management of these agencies. In short, my daily life is never the same. Especially in these atypical times, as my agencies are experiencing the full force of the COVID19 crisis. No two days are alike. That’s what I find exciting!

It is rumored that the context gave you the idea to co-create an application for restaurant owners?


It is an application that facilitates the life of customers as well as restaurant owners while reducing physical contact.
In a few words, bar/restaurant customers have an application on their phone called PLEAZ . It allows you to order and pay in partner bars and restaurants from your smartphone. The restaurant’s menu appears, you select the desired food or drink and fill your basket. By scanning a QR code located on your table, the payment is automatic. All you have to do is wait for your order. The restaurant owner also gets it from his side, of course!

To conclude, any advice for our Bachelor students?

You have to believe in your projects and ideas.

INSEEC is not just a diploma or hours of classes. It’s a springboard to be used!
The teachers give us the benefit of their knowledge but especially their experience. This is for me the real added value of this school. It is up to us to take this knowledge and put it into practice.

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Updated 24 February 2022