Changing direction during the year: 5 tips for success

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Changing direction during the year is an opportunity to be seized. Such a change contributes to your personal development and gives you a better chance of getting into your dream job. Changing direction during the year is possible thanks to INSEEC. We offer different formulas with a reversed and staggered start.

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Changing direction during the year: asking the right questions

There are many reasons why you may want to change your major during the year. This may be a lack of motivation or a poor adjustment, impacting your personal growth. There is also the discovery of another passion, the scarcity of professional opportunities in the chosen field, without forgetting the desire to integrate the professional world in parallel to your studies.

The key is to know yourself well. You need to think about what you really want to do and what makes you happy. In this regard, it is advisable to find out about :

  • existing training programs (duration, subjects, admission procedures);
  • Characteristics of the occupations (tasks to be performed, interests, salary) ;
  • the evolution of the labor market (the future of employment, potential employers).

Changing direction during the year: getting information and advice

When changing direction during the year, it is important to be well informed. You can do this by reading about it on specialized websites. There are also various professional events such as French tech, allowing you to learn about the jobs that are on the rise. There is also the use of various company networks, Glassdoor, your personal network.

Before changing direction, you can also meet with an academic advisor or a person in charge of studies in the program you are leaving or in the program you are interested in. He can give you valuable advice on the best approach to take.

Changing direction during the year: fine-tuning your academic reorientation plan

To ensure that your reorientation is successful during theyear, you must ask yourself the right questions:

  • What field do you like?
  • what are your strengths?
  • what are your ambitions?
  • what attracts you?

Then, find out as much as you can about your desired specialization and existing programs. You can also get useful information by attending open houses, student fairs, contacting school ambassadors.

Researching on the Internet also helps you to have all the necessary information. Then, ask directly for information from the institute or university of your choice. Consider checking out their website.
If you are looking for a work-study program, choose schools that offer coaching and targeted recruitment events.

Changing direction during the year: thinking about careers and companies

The reorientation must be thought out according to the profession you wish to practice. It is also driven by the companies you want to work for later. In this regard, you need to ask yourself the right questions:

  • what are the sectors of activity in which you would like to work?
  • what jobs are you interested in?
  • what are the opportunities in these professions?
  • what are the jobs that are recruiting?
  • What are the companies where it is fulfilling to work?

Changing direction during the year: choosing the right school

To succeed in your second semester reorientation, it is essential to choose the right company network to join and choose the school whose degrees are recognized. It is also important to find out about the certification offered.

You can opt for the reversed and staggered start of the school year at INSEEC in the Bachelor or MSc programs. INSEEC or Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales is a business school specialized in management. We offer 10 specializations and 4 study programs, from BAC to BAC +5.

The INSEEC Bachelor’s program is accessible after the Baccalaureate, for a duration of 3 years. You can do this in 2ᵉ and 3ᵉ years for students with a Bac +1, Bac +2 (BTS).

Bachelor 1ʳᵉ year students have a staggered start time from current February to the end of July. You do a one-month internship in a company and then continue with the Bachelor 2 in September.

Bac +3 students go back to school in reverse order. You start with a period in a company. In September, you participate in classes at the school with the regular students for one year.

The INSEEC MSc are available in a post BAC+3/+4 program, in 1 or 2 years. All courses offered by INSEEC are certified by the State.

We do a staggered start for MSc 1 from February to early July. You do 2 months in a company and then go directly to the M2.

MSc 2nd year students do a delayed start Also: from March to September they are in class 1 week per month, 3 weeks in the company then in September, they resume their alternation following the calendar of the students of the beginning of September: 3 weeks/1 week or 3 days/2 days according to the training.

Updated 7 September 2023