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Obtain the title of Financial Management and Controlling Manager

Professional certification issued
and associated blocks of competencies

Title of“Financial Management and Management Control Manager” (RNCP code 35534), level 6 (EU), formerly level 2 (FR).

Find the blocks of skills associated with this RNCP title.


The certification aims to meet the changing skills needs of the finance sector. The evolution of these skills stems from the changes in the activities and professions of the finance sector: digitalisation, the volume of data to be processed and analysed, technicalisation, the professionalisation of missions and the competitive environment.

The Financial Management and Controlling Manager performs the following activities in particular:

  • Setting up the accounting and financial system
  • Accounting and financial management
  • The proposal of investment and financing modalities
  • The recommendation to optimize financial management
  • The evaluation of the financial profitability of a financing and investment operation
  • Analysis of financial performance
  • Budget monitoring of the company or a department
  • Reporting and communication of financial data
  • Support for fundraising campaigns
  • Management of an accounting and/or financial team

What jobs can you do with this RNCP title?

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Management controller
  • Internal Controller
  • Real Estate Negotiator
  • Real estate agent
  • Real estate agency manager

“In response to business needs

The profession of Financial Management and Controlling Manager continues to evolve and the needs of companies continue to grow. These changes are only just beginning, but according to the various barometers and observatories in France and abroad, several major trends can be identified regarding the future skills of the profession:

  • Increasing recruitment
  • The impact of digital tools
  • Adaptation to new customer and business requirements.

What skills are developed?

At the end of the course, students will have acquired the following four blocks of competencies:

  • Manage the accounting and financial management of the company and the dedicated department
  • Analyze the performance and profitability of a company’s activity
  • Contribute to the organization’s investment and financing choices
  • Manage the accounting and/or financial team.

This certification is accessible by capitalization of these blocks of skills.

Example of a course

Défiscalisation immobilière

This module presents the different laws that may affect financial decisions regarding real estate investments.

Négociation et vente de produits immobiliers

This module provides the tools and techniques necessary to successfully negotiate and sell real estate.

Fintech et Digitalisation bancaire

The digitalization of customer relations and disintermediation are facilitated by digital technologies, leading to new ways of consuming banking and financial services. This module covers the latest advances in fintech and the opportunities offered by these technologies.

Panorama des produits bancaires et d’assurance

The banking sector has changed a lot in recent years and mastery of banking and insurance products is necessary in order to continue to develop commercial activities.

Finance Immobilière

Real estate represents an alternative investment that has continued to grow under the influence of financialization. The aim of this module is to understand the different players in the market (individuals vs. professionals such as insurance companies or real estate investment funds) and to know the opportunities and risks in real estate asset management.

Prospection immobilière et veille

Prospecting and real estate monitoring allow you to know the tools and techniques to identify business opportunities.

Fiscalité et droit du financement

This course is an introduction to the generalities of corporate law and taxation, which aims to discover the many possible corporate structures, differentiate between civil and commercial forms with limited and unlimited risk.

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Updated 25 April 2022