How do I reorient myself during the year?

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Understanding the students’ situation, graduate schools have begun to adapt their curriculum. For those who have taken the wrong course of study after the baccalaureate, there are other options than doing a blank year. The reorientation can thus be done during the year. Find out how!

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How do I know if I need to reorient myself?

If this question has been on your mind, you need to consider it. It does not necessarily mean that you needa reorientation. However, taking it into consideration can change your life. To do this, you must:

Ask yourself the right questions

To find out whether or not you need a reorientation, first assess your current situation. How do you cope with the pace of life that classes impose? Are you interested in the courses?

These sound like existential questions, but you need to know the answers to know whether or not you should redirect yourself. If you are more positive than negative about your current choice of major, you can continue on that path. If you are dissatisfied with the situation, consider reorientation.

Realize the opportunity of reorientation

Althougha reorientation is necessary, your realization may come too late… or too early. For example, if a first-year student wants to go into politics after having chosen law, it is in his or her best interest to stay on that path. Thus, his skills will be maintained and his reorientation will be easier once he has validated his second or third year. In fact it will be more of a specialization than a real reorientation.

It is also important to think about reorientation. Specifically, you should already be asking yourself questions aboutthe streams you want to choose to see if this option is necessary. In case you still don’t know what your ideal direction is, the best thing to do would be to keep going and multiply your internships to broaden your horizon and discover new things. If, on the other hand, you already know your goals, you know how to do it!

Seek advice from professionals

Students can sometimes feel lost…. A professional in the field can provide sound advice tailored to your situation.

He or she will guide you to your ideal pathway or convince you to choose your initial pathway. It all depends on your future goal, because the professional in question is very objective and will also inform you about professional opportunities.

When do I need to reorient myself?

The moment you realize that you need to reorient yourself, it’s time to act. In fact, all the procedures to be undertaken start here. By procrastinating, you may run out of time. If after a month you decide to change your career path, start by asking around.

You also have the right to reorient yourself three months after the start of the school year. Thanks to new education systems, the school year can be extended to February. If you are dissatisfied during the first three months of your graduate studies, you have a chance to reorient yourself during the year.

In order not to lose a year, your decision must be made before the end of the first semester at the latest.

In principle, you should aim for the beginning of the school year in February. The classic start of the school year is in September, so you have plenty of time to think about it and start the necessary procedures. As a reminder, there will be competitions and file selections.

How to reorient yourself through parcoursup?

The procedure is quite simple with Parcoursup, as students only need to register. For students who are reorienting, a tracking sheet is strongly recommended. The rest is just common sense and motivation.

A student who really wants to change direction will be able to emphasize his or her first year in higher education on his or her application. In order to obtain this document, students can contact the university information service or an information and orientation center. To be valid, be sure to send your form before April.

How to reorient yourself without going through parcoursup?

The classic application for the beginning of the school year in September

This option is the most chosen option so far. Known to everyone, waiting for a September start to the school year is a way to be fully prepared to change majors. Moreover, all schools offer this option, whether you are leaning more towards INSEEC, IAE or universities.

The application for the staggered or reversed start of the school year in February

The spring intake in February is less known, but still the most effective. In any given year, you don’t waste any time. You can go directly to the course of study you want. You will only need to complete your course with in-company training before you can earn your Bachelor’s, MSC.

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Updated 25 January 2024