How do I reorient myself?

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The best technique for reorienting yourself is, first of all, to discover the field that you really like. Then, all you have to do is to trace the path that leads to this destination. In doubt? Discover our tips and recommendations to be sure of your choice and be sure to choose the right path.

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How do I know if I need to reorient myself?

The reasons for the reorientation are part of the questions to ask to avoid a mistake in the course. However, these are not the only criteria to consider when deducing that you need to redirect yourself.

What difficulties do you encounter in your current field?

An assessment of your initial choice will allow you to know exactly why you want to change direction. Indeed, the stress that an industry puts on you is already a sign. Remember, however, that each pathway has its own challenges. You should only think about reorientation if the course of study no longer suits you.

Also note the pros and cons of your initial choice. By remaining objective, it may happen that you realize the difference between your expectations and the reality in relation to a channel. When faced with this type of situation, reorientation becomes more than an option. Make it your priority to avoid wasting time.

What are my professional projects?

After high school, students tend to go straight to graduate school without taking the time to really think about it. As a result, many of them end up taking courses without having specific career goals. Others realize that their chosen field of study does not correspond to their dream job.

In both of these cases, reorientation may be necessary. However, you will have to ask yourself questions about your real professional projects. If there is a similarity between the course of study already underway and the project in question, reorientation is a waste of time. In the event that the field of study is completely removed from your career choice, redirection will allow you to pursue your aspirations more quickly.

When do I need to reorient myself?

Be aware that your time is limited if you want to avoid a blank year. Therefore, you should make the reorientation as soon as possible.

If after one month you realize that you have taken the wrong course of study, you can already plan your reorientation without missing classes. The goal is to successfully complete the reorientation without losing a year. As soon as the need for change is felt, it is a good idea to look for options that you might like.

You should also note the options available to you. The earlier you make the decision to reorient yourself, the more likely you are to choose another major in the same year. Thanks to the staggered start of the school year, this is entirely possible. Unlike the traditional start of the school year in September, this one does not take place until February or March.

How to reorient yourself through Parcoursup?

To reorient yourself while taking advantage of Parcoursup, you must first log in. Please note that your original file is no longer kept and the platform gives you a new file number. By using the same email address, however, you will be able to recover much of your previous information.

Then, between June 23 and September 16, you must formulate your wishes in relation to the courses you want. Between business, engineering and communication schools, the choice is yours. This procedure is the complementary phase of Parcoursup. It is mainly intended for those who have worked on their career plans.

The platform offers help and support to put all the chances on your side. Just follow the recommendations to get answers to your wishes. Like all registered students on the platform, you will be entitled to 10 wishes.

How to reorient yourself without going through Parcoursup?

Parcoursup is a good way to reorient yourself without wasting time. However, it is possible that you miss the deadlines, that your wishes have not been answered or that you are already in BAC+2/3/4. To ensure that you get into the program of your choice after the reorientation, you have several options.

The classic application for the beginning of the school year in September

The classic application for September is the easiest. To reorient yourself, no matter what your level, this is the easiest solution. All you need to do is to know the institution where you want to integrate and follow the steps they impose. Generally, the application is made from March to July, for a September start.

As for choices, you will have several. You will have IAE, universities, business schools, including INSEEC, and more. You are allowed to apply to several schools to ensure that you get into the program you want.

The application for the staggered or reversed start of the school year in February

You have the reversed and staggered start of the Bachelor or MSC programs.This type of training starts in February or March and allows you to reorient yourself at the end of the first semester so as not to lose your year.

The pace of study and length of training vary according to the year of study and the program concerned. You can view them here for bachelors and MSc.

Updated 25 January 2024