How do you reorient yourself in your higher education?

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Parcoursup is accessible to students who want to reorient themselves. However, going through Parcoursup is only for students in a new post-bac program, that is, in their first year.

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Why decide to change direction during your higher education?

After one, two, or even three years of study, you are considering reorientation. The reasons for this decision are numerous:

  • demotivation in the chosen field of study;
  • failure of the various exams taken;
  • the jobs offered by the sector are full;
  • other fields of study give access to future professions;
  • you liked the training at first, but only at first;
  • you lack interest in the subjects offered;
  • the unsuitability of the training with your professional project;
  • the trigger for a different path for your future;
  • a choice of higher education made by default.

Changing direction during the year seems the most obvious solution. Thus, you must practice introspection by asking yourself the ultimate question: why change your path?

How to make the right decisions about reorientation?

In order to be successful in your plan to reorient yourself, you need to be sure you are making the right decision. To do this, take stock of yourself. A good decision is one that leads you inevitably to satisfaction. It is to be taken according to the context and the objective you are aiming at. It is true to your intuition, which itself is based on your experience and knowledge. It is consistent with your values and principles.

Regarding the course of study itself, after a first year of college, you must find the right answers to the following questions:

  • Does your new career path correspond to your deepest aspirations?
  • what is the field that is closest to your passion?
  • Does this new course of study provide good professional experience?
  • does the new pathway open the way to the job market?

Each answer guides you in your choice of reorientation.

Which schools should you turn to for a change of direction?

In terms of reorientation, the Parcoursup platform offers no less than 19,500 courses. Thus, you must put together a solid, coherent study and professional project that is in line with your new interests. However, it is possible to study in certain specialized schools without going through Parcoursup.

For your future studies, there are several possible options:

  • Spring intake : This solution is offered by some private schools and colleges.
  • Bridges : you can follow a training in second year or in Master, according to your diploma;
  • Competitive examinations: you must prepare well to take them for the next school year;
  • go back to square one: the new training is very different from what you are doing and you give yourself every chance to succeed and start over.

You can choose from many schools and training institutes, including universities, engineering schools, IEP (Institutes of Political Studies), IAE (Institute of Business Administration).

You can also choose a private business school that offers a work-study program and has a network of alumni and companies.

In this regard, INSEEC (INStitut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales), part of the OMNES Education group, is a business school specialized in management. We propose the following programs:

  • BBA, post BAC (in 4 years) ;
  • Bachelor, post Bac to Bac+2 (in 3 years) ;
  • Grande Ecole, post BAC+2/+3 or Bac+4 (1 to 3 years), and
  • MSc, post BAC+3/+4 program (in 1 or 2 years)

We also have a work-study program. It is designed to allow you to combine what you have learned with its implementation. It can be carried out under 2 types of contracts: the apprenticeship contract and the professionalization contract. This program is intended only for students in :

  • Bachelor 3rd year ;
  • MSc 1st and 2nd year ;
  • Master 1 and Master 2 of the Grande École program

For our BBA INSEEC program, the work-study contract is reserved for students in the 4th year of the International Business and Innovation major.

By studying at INSEEC, you also benefit from the Alumni network, made up of former INSEEC students. We organize welcome days, competitions, and defenses of final thesis reports, involving our former students. Alumni also offer internships, work-study programs, job offers, conferences, and courses to help you in your career path. We offer 2 start dates, in September or in February.

Updated 25 January 2024