How is the new home market doing?

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Do you want to advise people on their investments or invest in real estate yourself? Want to get started in the new home market, but don’t know how the market is doing? This is the subject of our article.

In summary:

  • The evolution of the new housing market varies from one locality to another.
  • It must be studied in detail before investing.
  • It is advisable to learn more about the risks and opportunities of the field by attending a real estate or business school.
  • There are new parameters to consider after the 2019 health crisis.

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What are the trends in the new home market?

The new housing market has boomed after the Covid-19 health crisis. Before the pandemic, the trend was to invest in old real estate because of the much lower prices than in new real estate.

However, with the advent of the health crisis, more and more people found themselves having to telecommute. New needs have emerged, including the need for more space and comfort. These needs are generally best met by new facilities, which is why investment in new real estate has increased.

On the other hand, regarding prices in France, we can note an increase in the prices of new real estate. This can be explained by the many difficulties related to building conditions and the acquisition of land for construction. Despite this, the number of buyers and investors continues to grow in the new home market.

It should also be noted that these conditions differ from city to city. While new home prices are rising in large cities, they are stagnating or even falling in smaller cities.

What are the advantages of the new home market?

To secure your investments and take the least amount of risk possible, you should first educate yourself about the real estate industry. This is especially necessary if you plan to work in real estate to advise people on their purchases and investments. Then joinInseec, a business and management school to train in real estate.

At the end of your training, you should be able to evaluate the opportunities and risks of a particular new home investment. Visit the school’s website to discover the different specializations in real estate as well as the content of the courses offered. If needed, go to the FAQ section to find answers to your questions.

After a thorough analysis, you should normally find the following advantages to the new home market:

  • new real estate induces a greater durability of the investment;
  • it is much more attractive from a rental point of view;
  • it implies much less repair in the future;
  • it is subject to tax reductions on the investment;
  • it provides a more secure source of income and allows you to prepare for your retirement;
  • the notary fees are considerably reduced.

How to become a homeowner in a new property?

The conditions for buying a new property, especially when it is a first home, are different from one person to another. First, you need to consider your personal and financial situation. This is the basis for determining the benefits that apply to you.

For example, if your monthly income puts you in the middle class, you may be eligible for tax benefits. Among other things, you can take advantage of the zero-interest loan to facilitate the purchase of a first home. It can be an apartment and sometimes even a house.

However, in order for you to be granted the loan, you must ensure that you have a fairly stable situation. This implies having a stable and regular income to guarantee your ability to recover it in the future. With patience, you can end up owning a new property.

Have average prices in the new home market increased in recent years?

With the price of building lots continuing to rise, we can see an increase in the average prices of the new housing market. Of course, there are still cities where prices are maintained and even decrease.

However, in most cities, new construction is becoming increasingly rare. However, demand has been increasing since the health crisis. Overall, new home prices are soaring.

Updated 13 July 2023