What are the different real estate courses?

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The real estate business is very diverse. Marketing, law, management and real estate related to urban planning, land development offer a wide choice of specializations. But what are the different real estate courses? We detail them for you.

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What real estate training can be done after the baccalaureate?

You should know that the real estate BTS is the flagship diploma of the sector. It allows you to obtain the necessary professional cards to work on your own as a real estate agent, syndic of co-ownership or property manager. With a 2 or 3 year degree, several BTS and BUT, the BTS in accounting and management, the BTS in notarial law, the BTS in negotiation and digitalization of customer relations or the BUT in legal careers, heritage and finance can lead you to the profession. A professional license can complete these BTS. In addition, the BUT is a 3-year diploma allowing for professional integration or further studies in master’s programs, business schools or specialized training.

You also have the option of enrolling in business schools or universities to work in the real estate industry. Universities offer several courses of study, particularly in law, management or real estate management. Finally, business schools offer a specialization in real estate, such as the Bachelor’s degree (bac + 3), in the grande école program (bac + 5).

What real estate training to do in high school?

The BTS real estate profession is the main post-baccalaureate training for the real estate professions. It takes place over 2 years and can be completed in alternating years. These BTS are offered by public high schools, but also by CFAs and specialized schools.

The commercial BTS such as the BTS Négociation et Digitalisation de la Relation Client and the BTS Management Commercial Opérationnel and the DUT Carrières juridiques also allow you to work in the real estate sector.

What real estate training to do in college and in IUT?

Even if the DUT Immobilier does not exist yet, you can opt for the BAC +2 professionalizing in real estate, the licence Pro immobilier or the BUT immobilier at the university and in IUT.

Choose the BTS Real Estate or BTS Real Estate Professions. It allows you to obtain a bachelor’s degree. High schools, IUTs and specialized schools offer training in real estate.

A bachelor’s degree is the first prerequisite. Nevertheless, you must also have some qualities and skills:

  • be interested in the real estate sector;
  • have interpersonal skills specific to the service and customer relations professions and skills in written and oral communication;
  • have skills in analysis and evaluation of assets;
  • Have the ability to engage in collaborative work and work in a team environment.

What real estate training to do in business school?

You can also join a business school to train in real estate. To reach positions of responsibility, a 5-year degree in real estate is recommended. The schools offer master’s degree programs in law, management or real estate management. In addition, a dozen schools specialize in the field of real estate, leading to diplomas from bac + 3 to bac + 5. Finally, business schools also offer a specialization in real estate in a bachelor’s degree (bac + 3), or in a grande école program (bac + 5).

What are the advantages of a real estate training program?

Choosing a real estate training program alternatingallows you to become a competent professional. This method also allows you to quickly find a job in real estate. By training in alternation, you have the opportunity to prepare your diploma and also get more experience.

Is it possible to follow a real estate training course in alternation at INSEEC?

At INSEEC, work-study training in Bachelor of Real Estate and Finance is possible. During the 3ᵉ year program, you can complete the training in a work-study program allowing you to develop a first network of professional contacts. Moreover, all of our final year courses specialize to enable students to be operational as soon as they arrive in a company.

In addition, the 3rd year course is also available as a sandwich course. Students will be able to work in a company and learn in real-life situations. All of our final year courses are specialized to allow students to be operational once they graduate.

At INSEEC, we offer a work-study program during the 2 years of the Master’s degree: the MSc Real Estate Management. You will sign for 12 months, if the work-study program is carried out in the 2nd year, or for 24 months if the same work-study program is carried out in the 1st and 2nd years.

Updated 13 July 2023