What are the marketing professions?

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Marketing is a field that encompasses, as its name indicates, a whole range of professions. Indeed, it is a discipline that integrates the various marketing functions: business development, communication, strategy, training. Marketers are a pillar of the company and interact with all other members of the company’s management. So, what are the marketing professions? In this article, we will list the different marketing professions and their functions.

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What careers can be considered in the field of marketing?

The marketing professions are functions that enable the company to achieve its commercial objectives. The marketing professions enable the establishment of the company’s commercial strategies. These jobs are generally carried out by professionals in charge of creating and managing the company’s brand image. The most well-known jobs are: sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, brand manager and sales people.

Marketing thus encompasses different professions, ranging from commercial objectives to customer relations and brand image maintenance. To go further, please consult our frequently asked questions.

What are the jobs in marketing strategy and digital marketing?

Marketing strategy and digital marketing jobs are both technical and creative. These professions are focused on business strategies and objectives, as well as on consumer relations. The goal is to identify and understand customer expectations in order to design creative offerings that meet their needs. It is therefore a question of finding a balance between the marketing and technical aspects, while ensuring that the products and services meet consumer expectations. You have, for example, for jobs related to web marketing :

  • web editor ;
  • content Manager ;
  • social media expert;
  • SEO Manager;
  • Traffic Manager & Acquisition Manager;
  • ux Designer ;
  • Customer Success Manager.

What are the product marketing professions?

Product marketing is a marketing function that aims to design, develop and market a product or service. Product marketing jobs are generally held by professionals in charge of creating and managing a company’s brand image. The most well-known jobs are: salesman, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, brand manager and salespeople.

What are the jobs in customer marketing?

The objective of customer marketing is to build customer loyalty, develop the customer portfolio and win market share. As an example of a position, you have: the sales promotion manager, the category manager, the direct marketing manager, the customer relationship manager, the e-CRM project manager, the web marketing manager.

Consult here the detailed information sheets of the marketing professions.

What are the professions in luxury marketing?

The objective of luxury marketing is to direct the company’s marketing policy towards high-end customers, and more precisely towards customers with high purchasing power. The luxury marketing professions are very specialized, as they are focused on the marketing of high-end products. It is a very varied sector, because those who do this job must be aware of technological innovations and new trends. Luxury marketing also includes product analysis and new product development to reach new markets. It is a complex job that requires hard work and perseverance. Among these trades are the :

  • event manager ;
  • community manager ;
  • brand manager ;
  • collection manager ;
  • luxury buyer ;
  • head of sales ;
  • luxury marketing product manager.

How to train at INSEEC in marketing professions?

If you like marketing, INSEEC can help you find a training program and build your professional project. You will be trained in the mysteries of marketing and you will become a communications professional. In addition, you will be able to do internships not only in your chosen field, but also in other fields, which will increase your professional network and enhance your employability.

INSEEC offers various training programs dedicated to marketing and management. This program has a dual focus: management, which aims to train enterprising managers, and marketing, which aims to train professionals capable of designing innovative brand strategies. The length of the course varies depending on the type of study you wish to choose. INSEEC offers various marketing degrees, including :

More information on possible marketing courses.

Updated 17 October 2023