What is the highest paying job in real estate?

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The real estate sector is proving to be the most lucrative of all sectors. Like all jobs, each remuneration depends on several criteria: the function, the salary, the experience. What is the highest paid job in real estate?

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What are the best paid jobs in real estate?

The real estate professions are well paid. We list the best paid :

  • the real estate agency manager

This responsible position requires a business card and ideally experience in real estate. The remuneration depends on your experience, the turnover of your agency and your status. A real estate agency manager earns a gross annual salary of €30,000 to €90,000.

  • the Real Estate Negotiator

Paid on commission, the real estate negotiator canbe an employee, with a fixed remuneration and commissions, a VRP employee or independent, and paid on commission. The gross annual salary varies between 30 000 € and 80 000 €.

  • the Fund Manager

It focuses on the management and monitoring of funds, carries out business plans, takes care of cash flow monitoring, and controls incoming and outgoing financial and monetary flows. His annual remuneration varies between 45 000€ and 100 000€.

  • condominium manager

This is a job that requires a lot of professionalism. The condominium manager receives between 35 000 € and 60 000 € per year.

  • Notary assistant

Also known as a notary’s clerk, the notary’s assistant is in charge of preparing and drafting the documents sent to the notary for authentication. His annual gross salary is between 35 000€ and 60 000€.

  • BIM Manager

Building Information Modeling is a recent profile in demand in the real estate sector. He receives between 40 000€ and 70 000€ per year.

  • Construction Engineer

It is the guarantor of the good realization of a building site, it manages the teams, the materials and the materials. His annual gross salary is between 35 000€ and 60 000€.

  • Property Manager

He intervenes on the levers linked to the management of a real estate complex. His annual remuneration varies between 35 000€ and 60 000€.

  • Land developer

The land developer takes care of identifying building lots or complexes to be renovated for the launch of a new real estate project. It manages the feasibility study and the negotiation with the landowners. The land developer receives between €35,000 and €100,000 per year.

Apart from the professional reasons, training in real estate is also very interesting on a personal level:

What are the different job families in real estate?

The real estate business is divided into different families.

For management and/or consulting:

  • property manager ;
  • management agency manager ;
  • property manager ;
  • rental manager;
  • condominium manager ;
  • housekeeper ;
  • responsible for the management of real estate assets.

For the promotion:

  • land developer or subdivider ;
  • urban planner ;
  • architect.

for the transaction:

  • real estate agent ;
  • consultant in real estate transactions ;
  • real estate expert;
  • real estate agent.

Is it possible to find a well-paid job in real estate without having studied?

It is quite possible to find a well-paying job in real estate without any specific education. We can mention in particular real estate agents or commercial profiles. These profiles require more personal effort. Working in real estate relies mostly on interpersonal skills and human qualities. Theoretically, anyone with proven interpersonal skills and a keen sense of negotiation can thrive in the industry.

Real estate is attractive because it is an accessible field, sometimes without a diploma, and offers very interesting salary prospects. However, this sector is competitive. This is why studying real estate is always a serious asset to differentiate oneself and value a real expertise.

You don’t have to study for a long time to get a good salary in real estate. At INSEEC, we offer a short real estate focus to obtain a Bachelor’s or MSc degree, allowing you to already take well-paid positions.

How is a real estate professional paid?

The real estate sector is one of the sectors in constant expansion. Moreover, it offers real opportunities for passionate professionals. In terms of compensation, a real estate professional receives a salary based on his or her level of experience and position. Nevertheless, a beginner real estate agent can earn from 1 500 €, while a real estate negotiator can earn at least 4 000 €.

What criteria can influence the remuneration of a real estate professional?

Like all industries, the compensation of a real estate professional depends on a few criteria. Experience is a major criterion that impacts a real estate professional’s compensation. The functions, the regions and zones of intervention as well as the sales achieved also play a major role in the remuneration of these professionals.

If you would like to learn more about careers in the real estate industry, you can visit our real estate opportunities page.

Finally, if you have any questions about our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Updated 13 July 2023