Which training to work in the wine industry?

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Several establishments offer training to learn about the world of wine. It is important to know that this is a rapidly expanding sector in France at the moment. You can therefore expect to land many opportunities by entering this field.

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How to train to work in the wine industry?

To train in the wine industry, you can join a school, a university or an establishment specialized in this field. You will find a wide range of training courses.

Bachelor’s degree in Wine and Spirits Business Management

The Bachelor’s degree in Wine and Spirits Business Management is a program that allows you to specialize in wine and spirits. It can last from one to three years, depending on your level of integration. If it is for the first year, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, it will be a Bac+1 or a Bac+2. Each course will be taught by speakers from the business world and experts. In the 3rd year, you can opt for a work-study program.

MBA Wine Marketing & Management

If you wish to integrate a Bac+4 or Bac+5, the MBA Wine Marketing & Management is a good idea. It will allow you to easily land an interesting position in the wine industry. This training will allow you to benefit from interactive courses and lectures. You will also have the chance to attend seminars, conferences and visits to vineyards and chateaux. This course is available in 100% English or half English.

What is the wine industry?

The wine sector concerns all areas related to wine, from production to marketing and distribution, all over the world.

It is even one of the most appreciated in the luxury field. Its success has allowed it to become an important agricultural industry, both in the primary production sector and in the field of high quality value added. It is true that wine contributes today to the development of the economy, and this, in a significant way. It should be noted that many players are involved in the wine industry. There are wine growers, merchants, cooperative wineries and institutional players.

Is the wine industry hiring?

The wine industry is not in a state of crisis. Contrary to popular belief, this field is not so closed. It is even very promising and very dynamic in France and abroad. Companies are always looking for qualified human resources to contribute to the development of their activities. Note that it is the second largest export sector of the country. Currently, job offers related to this field are increasing day by day. In addition, each offer is suitable for young enthusiasts as well as for professionals in retraining. You can go into production or opt for management and sales. The good thing is that more and more women are being recruited. Indeed, historically, they were more intended for the male sex.

What are the professions in the wine sector?

The professions in the wine sector are really numerous. So you can choose from a long list:

  • buyer ;
  • Brand ambassador ;
  • bartender;
  • cellarman ;
  • in charge of wine tourism ;
  • department manager ;
  • area manager;
  • wine consultant ;
  • wine broker ;
  • export manager ;
  • sales manager ;
  • wine & spirits export and logistics;
  • panorama of the world’s vineyards ;
  • product manager ;
  • harvesting owner ;
  • regional export manager ;
  • sommelier

You can find here the detailed job descriptions.

What is the average salary for wine professions?

The wine sector gathers many direct and indirect actors. There are those who work in production, in sales, in administrative formalities, in institutional procedures and in tourism. This means that each trade has its own salary. You should know that on average :

  • a sales executive earns 4,100 euros gross per month;
  • an oenologist earns a salary of 3,000 euros gross per month;
  • a wine merchant earns 2,500 euros gross per month;
  • a winemaker earns 2,250 euros gross per month. This salary can vary depending on the type of wine he produces and the size of the farm.
  • A picker receives a salary between the minimum wage and 2,000 euros gross per month depending on his experience.

Any other questions? Feel free to consult our FAQ dedicated to wine.

Updated 13 July 2023