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Do you want to change direction because you want to benefit from training in line with your passion or your project? Are you disappointed with your current training because it is too demanding? Are you the victim of a layoff or restructuring? INSEEC presents its professional training courses.

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Reorientation to increase your skills

Your reorientation can be done at INSEEC (Institut des hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales). We offer a variety of programs leading to professionalization.

If you are currently employed in a company and you wish to evolve quickly, there are continuing education programs for you that give access to 3rd year Bachelor, MSc 1 and MSc 2 programs. To do this, you have a few options to choose from:

  • bac +2 to integrate a 3rd year Bachelor ;
  • bac +3 to integrate an MSc 1 ;
  • Bac +4 or Bac +5 to enter an MSc 2.

If you do not have a sufficient level of education, the VAP or Validation of Professional Experience can be an alternative. This way, you turn your work experience into a year of study.

Do you want to turn your professional experience into a certification? There is the VAE or Validation of Acquired Experience. To do so, you must have at least 1 year of professional experience (full time) in the desired certification area. You may have a diploma, a title or a certificate of professional qualification.

Reorienting yourself to follow your passion

You want to change direction because you have discovered a new passion. This contributes to your personal development. To achieve this, you need to follow specific training related to your passion. This allows you to acquire all the knowledge required to make your project a reality.

Reorientation following a layoff or restructuring

You have just been laid off or the company where you work has been restructured. You want to rebound effectively by making a change of direction. In addition, your professional reintegration may be blocked by a lack of additional training. The solution is continuing education. This type of training is specifically designed for workers.

Reorienting yourself when you are disappointed with your training or your school

Your current training is demotivating. You are afraid of failure because you are in a field that does not suit you. You have the solution: reorientation.

The classic application for the beginning of the school year in September

Your reorientation can be achieved by a classic application to the IAE (Institute of Business Administration), university, and business school including INSEEC.

The application for the staggered or reversed start of the school year in February

INSEEC has the particularity of offering a reverse entry and a staggered entry in Bachelor or Master of Science programs.

The INSEEC Bachelor’s program is completed after the Baccalaureate and lasts 3 years. This program aims to train future managers, creative and professional. You can create your own personalized course over three years, for a progressive and efficient construction of your professional project. You can access it in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years for those who have a Bac, Bac +1 and +2. The 1st year Bachelor’s program offers a staggered start. You go to class from February to the end of July. You do a one-month internship in a company, to continue with the Bachelor 2 in September.

Moreover, our MSc is a post BAC+3/+4 program, lasting 1 or 2 years. The goal of the INSEEC MSc is to train future professionals, directly operational in companies. In order to do this, we favor the alternating work-study program, a practice that is as beneficial for you as it is for the company that employs you. This alternation favors the professional integration of future INSEEC graduates. The alternation between school and company takes the form of internships, professionalization contracts, apprenticeships or company creation.

Our training courses are professional, to suit students from universities, engineering schools and business schools. The goal is to help you acquire a specific professional skill.

MSc 1 students enter the school year on a staggered basis from February to early July. You do 2 months in a company to continue on to the M2.
The Bachelors 3 and MSc 2 offer a reverse start. You start with a period in a company. In September, you take classes with the classic students for 1 year. The school year then lasts 18 months.

Updated 17 October 2023