Aglaé PELTIER, graduate of the MSc 2 International Financial Analysis in Lyon – between New York & Paris

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Aglaé PELTIER, currently a manager at Square Management, a strategy, management and organization consulting firm, chose, 5 years ago, to join the MSc & MBA Lyon for her last two years of studies.

” I chose INSEEC after 3 years of work-study as an account manager in banking, for the quality of its teaching and especially for the pragmatism of its teachers.

I chose the MSc2 International Financial Analysis as my specialization because I have always been attracted by the monitoring and support of companies and by the international dimension.

My two years of training within the MSc & MBA programs have allowed me to complete two internships in financial environments (investment funds, private equity) for foreign clients.

In MSc 1, I chose to do my internship as a Risk Manager at Nomura Bank, the largest Japanese custodian bank. In MSc 2, I did my end-of-studies internship in a start-up that put European private equity funds in touch with African SMEs.

Upon graduation in 2017 I realized my goal of blending the  dimensions: international, finance, and business coaching by finding my first job at a merger and acquisition firm in New York.

During my 18 months in Manhattan, I blossomed within a team with nationalities, cultures and work methods that were the antithesis of what I had known until then. This experience made me realize that I particularly liked business development and team management.

When I returned to France, I decided to apply for business manager positions in the financial sector in Paris.

Today, I joined SQUARE MANAGEMENT, a consulting firm in strategy, management and organization as a Manager. My missions are multiple : I am in charge of the commercial development of my firm with CAC40 companies, in the banking, finance, insurance, industry sectors…

I also take care of the recruitment of our new consultants and their management on assignment.

My life is at 100 km/h, every day I take on new challenges, I learn new things and meet new people. I joined a growing, dynamic group that offers great opportunities for development. That’s exactly what I was looking for and that’s what I managed to achieve by having, at every step of my professional life, anticipated the next step.

One of the reasons I joined this program at INSEEC was for its entrepreneurial spirit. My next step in a few years will be to start my own business. And I intend to continue to enrich myself with all the professional experiences necessary to achieve this goal.

Choosing a major may seem complicated : my advice to students is to think further, according to your goals, your dreams and especially : go for it !   “”

Updated 24 February 2022