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On January 22, the students of the Bordeaux Marketing Department welcomed their class sponsor, Alexandre Delpérier, Director of News Content Programs, Acquisitions and Development at Yahoo ! – France.

Yahoo! is a multi-billion dollar U.S. web services company owned by Verizon Media, and is one of the leading search engines. Alexandre has been developing the acquisition business in France for 6 years now. He is self-taught and according to him it is his capacity to undertake that allowed him to make his passion his profession. He has been able to differentiate himself thanks to his unconventional approach, and above all by remaining true to his values.


Dare to succeed

Alexandre Delpérier is an emblematic figure of sports journalism whose career is rich and atypical, he is even qualified as a marathon runner. He has never stopped learning and is curious about everything.

He studied at the IUT Tech de Co, studies that he financed himself by working as a salesman. During this first professional experience, he favored a discourse that he wished to direct towards the human being in contradiction with that of his competitors.

Throughout his career, this attitude ” disruptive ” that he claims and obviously his passion for sports have allowed him to push all the doors of sports journalism in the audiovisual sector.

Alexandre Delpérier is one of those whose career is out of the ordinary, embodying ambition through his will but always showing empathy, he puts the human being at the center.

” It’s important to take risks, to trust yourself, to not become tetchy because of the fear of failure.”

To succeed, one must dare and invest more than others, this is the message he wanted to convey to the students. This makes sense in today’s context. The digitalization of companies creates new jobs. Inescapably, it also develops an ultra-competitive environment. Digital technology impacts companies and forces them to reinvent themselves to ” stay in the race “, finally for students, employees or business creators the challenge is the same.


The place of the human being in the digital age

The marketing sector being particularly affected by these digital transformations, the challenge for companies is to adapt to them in order to remain successful. Big data is a precious help and offers new opportunities, in a general way it allows the refinement of the target (prospects and customers) and therefore the optimization of commercial strategies, but also :

  • Personalization of communication (One To One)
  • Segmentation of commercial offers
  • Anticipation and management of risks (very useful in the banking sector for example)
  • Anticipation of customer behavior and needs (predictive marketing)

Another impact of digitalization is theautomation of jobs . Some studies claim that more than half of all jobs will be robotized within 20 years. The place of the human being in relation to this transition must be at the heart of companies’ thinking. Humans bring an emotional dimension, feel empathy, that’s why human relations must be preserved. Man, once the main interlocutor, must now find and adapt his place in this hyper-connected environment. Social ties are essential, that’s what Alexandre Delpérier tries to explain to students. He insists on the fact that it is necessary to be able to stand out. You have to build and maintain your added value. This requires professional skills, but also developing a network. Human enc ounters are therefore fundamental.


Alexandre’s advice to students

“Have fun, don’t impose any barriers and above all develop your address book, because a meeting can be decisive for your professional career. “

Updated 24 February 2022