Aurélien Perel, in MSc 2 Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategies and in a work-study program at Croisiland

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Dreaming of a great vacation and escape ? Aurélien Perel is here for you !

The student is in his final year of the MSc 2 Marketing, Communication and Business Strategies on the Chambéry campus. He started his second year of work experience at Croisiland, a pure-player travel agency.
Aurélien tells us his story. Immediate boarding!

A little flashback :

” In 2017, after two years of BTS Assistant de Gestion PME PMI at the Lycée du Granier in La Ravoire, I joined INSEEC U. campus Chambéry as part of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Development. I did it as an initial training. I absolutely wanted to continue my studies and especially to expand my professional skills. The BTS allowed me to acquire solid knowledge of business management. The Bachelor’s degree gave me a foundation in marketing and sales, presents Aurélien.

” I found a different way of learning at INSEEC Chambéry. The approach is professional. We are collaborators with our stakeholders. They trust us in the management of our projects and listen to us. This gives us a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur. The Bachelor’s degree has a theoretical part but above all a professional part”.

Aurélien validated his Bac+3 with a six-month internship at Croisiland, a 100% online travel agency.

” My missions were extremely varied: from managing the agency’s 200 partners, participating in trade shows, market research on the digital tools used by our competitors, and finally participating in the total redesign of the website. “

His internship resulted in…an alternation !

As proof that he was fully satisfied, Aurélien was offered a work-study program within the same company. As part of his MSc 1 Marketing, then MSc 2 Marketing, Communication and Business Strategies.

” I changed departments and joined the Customer Relations department within the agency. My passion for travel and tourism fits perfectly with the requirements of the position. I am in charge of answering a multitude of requests concerning files already confirmed following the reservation : addition of services, various information, cancellations, insurances, management of litigations, addition of flights and information on the formalities of the visited countries. ” 

A whole program !

” We have to answer a very wide range of questions about the 40 different companies that our agency markets. We participate in many in-house training sessions, provided directly by our business partners.
Also, my missions are also on the field with the visit of maritime ships, in order to better understand the very specific products that we sell, and the participation in many shows and forums.
Finally, I also have the chance to travel on a personal basis, and I can therefore provide internal training on my customer approach, on the products we distribute. ”

In the near future, Aurélien could see himself as an entrepreneur.

” Afterwards, I would like to be more and more entrepreneurial and work for myself. My dream would be to reconcile my passion for tourism with my professional activities… ”

Let’s face it, travel is a great way to learn!


Updated 24 February 2022