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[vc_row type=”” in_container=”” scene_position=”” center=”” text_color=”” dark=”” text_align=”” left=”” overlay_strength=””][vc_column column_padding=”” no-extra-padding=”” column_padding_position=”” all=”” background_color_opacity=”” background_hover_color_opacity=”” width=””][vc_column_text]As part of a day dedicated to new management methods in companies, the students of the MSc 1 Marketing from the Chambéry campus were able to discover the different tools and techniques proposed by the company Kumqwat.

Supervised by Marianne Ferlay, Program Manager, they met Adrien D’Hoine and Hervé Métral, co-founders of the company based in Limonest, in the Lyon region.

An essential dive for the promotion around the Pod, the tool developed by the company, and which allows to answer at best various problems in company.

” We’ve been around since 2017, after a year of research and development around the concept we launched. Today, we are five partners and we have two main activities : training, where we are recognized by the state, and business consulting thanks to tools and methods developed internally , presents as a preamble, Hervé, co-founder, who launched Kumqwat after a first experience in the banking world. Alongside Adrien, who came from the wealth management industry, and who has been a friend for ten years, the two managers have developed a project that goes by the sweet name of Kumqwat.

” First of all, it is important to know that we are driven by a vision : the world is changing and the expectations of employees are also changing “, says Adrien.

” Management and corporate behavior must also evolve. The question then arose as to how we could best help organizations. Very quickly, we realized that we were approaching HR, organization and pilot concepts. We used to work a lot with steering committees , continue the two founders in heart.[/vc_column_text][heading]

” The class was very participatory “

[/heading][vc_column_text]Their appearance at INSEEC, Chambéry, in front of the MSc 1 Marketing class, was at the initiative of Marianne Ferlay, in charge of the program.

” First of all, there was the expression of a need : to show students this evolution in business. During a one-day workshop, we worked a lot with the students on visual management. It was important to bring this to the new generations. Because we have noticed that young people have a real appetite for sticking to reality, to get as close as possible to what is actually happening in the world of work, continues Hervé.

In the end, the notions of collaborations, links, and exchanges were the driving forces behind a particularly successful day : ” The class was very participatory. She understood that it was necessary to better consider the other in daily exchanges. Coordination between individuals is now necessary. “

The students were fully aware of this change thanks to this day particularly well conducted by the two founders whose development projects for Kumqwat are not lacking.

See you soon…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]”

Updated 24 February 2022