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Alexandre Delpérier was on the Bordeaux campus to lead a seminar on the theme of “Sports Journalism in Broadcasting” for students in MSc 2 Sports Marketing & Management.  He wanted to share with them his professional background, his vision of the market and give them valuable advice that will help them build their career.

Today, Alexandre Delpérier is Head of Media, i.e. Director of Information Content Programs, Acquisitions and Development in Paris at Yahoo, a company that belongs to the American group

A unique career path

For Alexandre Delpérier, working in the sports world has always been an obvious choice. He knew how to seize opportunities at the right time to make his passion, his job.

I’ve always loved sports, I’ve practiced a lot, I’ve watched a lot. My father spent a lot of time watching sports on TV, I was literally raised on sports. I was at the IUT of Bordeaux with Pierre-Emmanuel DAVANT, Sophie DAVANT’s little brother, his sister came to attend his final defense. So I took the opportunity of his presence to tell him about my wish to do my end-of-studies internship in the sports department of France 2 (formerly Antenne 2) in France Télévisions. She was just starting her career in weather so she referred me to the right people but I had to find my own way to an internship at France 2. That’s when it all started : 6 months later I was at Stade 2.

Alexandre Delpérier has more than 27 years of experience in the field of journalism.  He was also a television host on RMC for 7 years, a radio host on Europe 1 then head of sports at Direct 8 to return to his passion, sports journalism at Yahoo for 6 years. He took advantage of this intervention to explain to the students of the Sport program the importance and impact of digital in journalism and in its daily management of content.

What he wanted to bring to the students

I’ve always been a curious person, with no barriers, and those are the values I want to pass on to students today.”

Alexandre Delperier shared his vision of the market, the opportunities that make it up, but also gave them valuable advice on how to build their address book. He also spoke about the importance of the mobility required by these jobs, the need to be ready and prepared for change. He insisted on the fact that to exercise this type of profession it is essential to be in permanent watch in order to be the most reactive and thus the most efficient.

“I have no limits in my life, if I want to do something I give myself the means to achieve it.”

Updated 24 February 2022