DigHacktion 2020: A 1st edition of a high-flying health hackaton in Paris!

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During the weekend of January 17-19, 2020, INSEEC Paris MSc & MBA were very happy and proud to host on their campus the first edition of DigHacktion, a health innovation program dedicated to digestive system diseases.  46 projects were submitted during the call for ideas launched by the founders of the project almost a year ago. 15 of them were selected to participate in a hackathon of 48 hours where the project leaders were able to work with professionals and students from all horizons who helped them to mature their projects… and make them a reality in the future!

The 15 selected projects all have one thing in common: the development of a digital solution (particularly mobile) to support patients and caregivers in their fight against all digestive system diseases. In total, 9 prizes, financial and/or support, were distributed to allow the project leaders and teams formed during the hackathon to continue working on their idea.

A high-level competition brought together professors, healthcare professionals, students in computer science, communication, marketing and design, project leaders, caregivers and patients around a single common goal: to fight against digestive system diseases by offering caregivers and patients innovative digital solutions to support them in their daily lives. For 48 hours, the Paris campus vibrated to the rhythm and creative ideas of the people mobilized around this great cause.

From the Gastro-Pod project  (which won the jury’s grand prize), allowing interns in training to follow their progress in endoscopy, to Mici Cook, a culinary application for people with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, the 15 projects had nothing to envy from each other.

The INSEEC U support prize for the Glutect project

The jury, composed of 17 personalities and health experts from the steering committee and DigHackation partners, including the INSEEC U, hosted Serge Guérin, sociologist and specialist in issues related to aging and the “seniorization” of society, director of the Masters of Science 2nd year training programs MSc 2 Director of Healthcare Institutions, MSc2 Management of e-Health and MSc2 Management & Marketing of the Silver Economy.

Our group wished to reward the Glutect project, a portable gluten detector under development that will allow gluten intolerant patients to detect the substance through infrared radiation, without having to touch the food. A small revolution for patients that will make their daily life easier in many aspects. The Glutect team will be accompanied by our incubator for a day to allow them to continue maturing the project.

We were delighted to host DigHacktion on our campus and to be able to offer them our premises for this great competition.


Updated 24 February 2022