Emilie Kobilezki, in MSc 1 Corporate Finance, in a work-study program as a management controller

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At 24 years old, she is currently studying on the INSEEC Chambéry campus for an MSc 1 in Corporate Finance, all of which is done on a work-study basis as a management controller in a transport company based in Chambéry.
Emilie Kobilezki reveals her career path while tracing some perspectives on her future.

Lyon… then Chambéry. Sometimes there is only one step between these two cities of the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region. After obtaining a BAC ES in mathematics, Emilie Kobilezki studied law for three years at the University of Lyon 3 before changing her field of study to accounting.

” I then decided to follow a BTS CG in alternation, already, in a transport company. Then I continued with a professional degree in management, still at Lyon 3 and still in a work-study program in the same company “, says the one who wanted to continue her studies in Master ” to be in the analysis and progress personally “.

She was already interested in the position of management controller and joined INSEEC U. Chambéry at the beginning of last school year. And again in a work-study program, but this time in another imposing transport company, Stef Transport Alpes in Chambéry, which has just under 200 employees.

” The alternating rhythm is very interesting “

At Inseec, this former handball player (for 9 years) and running fan, appreciates the professionalism of the courses and the very concrete aspect.

” I had heard about it. The work-study program is very advantageous. And then I wanted to change air and leave Lyon to join Chambéry. In particular, I prepare the profit and loss accounts, and I report to the management controller. There are now two of us in the department working together .

A position that requires rigor, organization ” and especially a spirit of synthesis. ”

Emilie concludes : ” I really appreciate the global vision I can have in this position. ”

Updated 24 February 2022